Pre-blog artefacts


In lieu of more contemporary stuff to post I figured I’d show you one of my favourite all-time storage dumpster finds. It’s a cool palm tree candelabra which stands around three feet heigh. I found it a few years back when I first began this regular “seasonal” temp job. I always liked it a lot and have been using it as a decoration ever since.

My mom came to town a couple of months ago and noticed it while looking through some of my other finds. She told me it was actually fairly old and guessed that it was made in the 1940s. For whatever reason I never really considered its age but it does indeed have the look and feel of a “vintage” piece. It’s fairly heavy and made of metal – two common signs that something is vintage.

She said I should hold onto it. I definitely will as it’s one of my favourite decorations regardless of how old it may be.

I remember another thing I wish I could show you – a little book of fabric tables to be used by workers of some factory in Navan, Ireland. I think it was published in 1840. I found it around the same time as the candelabra and sold it at a yard sale close to two years ago for a measly dollar. I wish I could have it back now! I’m sure if I had it today I could get a bit more than what I got back then.

Hopefully more storage finds will present themselves in the coming days. It’s nearing the end of the month so perhaps people will be motivated to empty their units to avoid another month of fees.

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  1. Oo,oo, LOVE your candlabra..beautiful! I would guess it to be more in the 20’s or 30’s. they didn’t make much metal things in the 40’s because of the war..and the colour looks to be before the 40’s .yes, it’s a keeper. So glad you saved it. I can’t imagine why someone would have thrown it out! good for you!

  2. Actually I was trying to make up my mind if your candelabra was more art nouveau (1880s-1914) or art deco (1920-1939). Whatever it is, it’s a lovely piece.

  3. I love the candelabra! I have the perfect spot for it πŸ™‚
    As for the fabric tables – I wish you had kept them too! Navan was historically a furniture manufacturing and carpet-making centre. I suspect your samples were either upholstery or carpet samples.
    A bit of trivia – Navan was the childhood home of Pierce Brosnan (actor – Remington Steele, James Bond)

  4. too bad about the little book..sigh..

    re the candelabra, not likely it would make any difference, but just for yourself to know, quite possibly it is not as Heavy as you think…

    an OLD and NEW trick to make the customer assume an item /lamp was heavier than it is,
    — turn it upside down. if there is felt or a cover on the bottom peel a bit back. quite often the base is hollow and has heavy lead screwed into it…both for stability/and deception…

    (let us know …..)

  5. It’s cool Martin – I’d peg it as an Italian tole palm tree candelabra, and it probably dates from the ’30s through to the ’60s. Nice piece, but because it isn’t that detailed and isn’t electrified it’s priced modestly. Now if you ever stumble across lamps, sconces or ceiling fixtures in this same material, especially gilded or with multi-color paint, give me a ring, ok? πŸ™‚

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