Sulky Trot!


I made my way to Villeray yesterday morning and somewhere in the middle of my run stopped to get a “allongé” (long) espresso at a good cafe. It was delicious and gave me a nice boost of energy. I remembered that Parc Ex also had a trash day on Tuesday morning and I biked on over to check it out. I didn’t find anything but it was nice to explore a new neighbourhood. I think there’s some potential for good trash out there, so I may incorporate Park Ex into my Tuesday morning schedule.

I came across these boxes sitting in the alley behind St Hubert. It looked like someone dumped some stuff that had been stored away for years, including a bunch of business documents from the late 60s to early 80s.

As I was looking through this stuff a man dragged two massive LCD TVs and sat them next to the pile. I figured he probably owned an electronics repair place or something on St Hubert. Still, I wondered about that, as some of these TVs have plenty of value just for their parts. It’s possibly he had stripped them clean, however. Regardless, even with a bike trailer I wouldn’t have been able to bring those monsters home.


Someone asked me recently if I saved magazines. I rarely do as I mostly keep my eye out for “vintage” stuff, tools, still good consumer products and things people can use for crafting. However, when I saw a stack of 1980s horse-racing magazines (“Sulky” and “Trot!”) near the end of my route I decided to pick them up. I don’t know if anyone will want them, but I’ll put them out in the yard sale and see if anyone makes an offer. If not I’m sure someone off CL will take them off my hands for free.

“The Black Book” is an inventory of horses that were being sold at an auction in 1983. It contains lots of details about the pedigree of the horses, including how their ancestors placed in tournaments. Horse racing looks like a pretty intense business!


I found a bag full of these cool bracelets. They’re half wood and half plastic with brass on the inside.
I figure they shouldn’t be hard to sell at a yard sale.


Lastly I saved this glass angel which came in it’s own padded case. It’s pretty solid and heavy, around 6″ high, and the design is made purely by specks deep inside the glass. Does anyone know anything about this kind of thing? I’ve never seen anything like it before. I can’t tell if it’s artisan made or mass-produced.

I went out this morning for a tiny run in Rosemont. The trash day there has become quite fragmented since the change of the schedule to accommodate for the compost. I don’t think I’ll bother with this specific Wednesday morning route going forward, it’s really small and these specific streets were never my favourites anyways. It’s probably better just to let myself sleep in.

Thursday and Friday are now my busiest days based on this new schedule. There are a many different collection areas I can easily get to that I don’t like to miss. Now that many places in Rosemont have only one “normal” trash collection a week, though, these areas are my priority as a weeks worth of garbage is always better than a few days worth.

I hope to find some great stuff for you soon! Today, though, I’m going to relax and maybe I’ll do some maintenance on my bike.

5 thoughts on “Sulky Trot!”

  1. I’ve seen things similar to your angel but not as big or tall as this piece. The ones I saw sat upon a base that had a little LED light in it and when lit, the angel lit up from inside the glass..very pretty. There’s also bases with 3-4 different coloured LEDs which go on and off, changing the colour of the angel inside. they’re not old but maybe this one is.. we’ll wait to see if anyone else has some info. Love those bracelets! Good job xx

  2. Mmmmm … good coffee. 🙂

    I’m not sure those are bracelets. Are they too big to be napkin rings?

    I’ve seen type of laser etched block crystal stuff in stores the past few years. They’re not very expensive. Here’s a similar angel one So good for the yard sale, or maybe etsy.

    Hope you get your bike ship-shape for your next outing.

    1. That one looks fairly similar to mine, to the yard sale box it goes!

      I never heard of a napkin ring before, but I’m pretty sure these are a bit big to be that

  3. have seen this type of “angel” product in the discount store where I stop off…Those were smaller, maybe two inches, and about five to eight dollars.

    bracelets are nice.

  4. The angel is made with a laser and is mass-produced. You can even have your favourite photo put into them at some market stalls I saw in Sydney, Australia. Small mass-produced ones start from about a dollar (but those are the size of a postage stamp).

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