First come first served


The weather today was really nice. It didn’t feel cold even with the occasional strong gust of wind. I went on a long walk and managed to avoid all the rain as well.

I was gone for about two hours. It wasn’t trash day but I did see a few things out for tomorrow’s pickup. In an alley in Rosemont (next to St-Hubert I think) I found a bike tire that looks to be in good shape. I hope it fits my bike because my front tire is long overdue to be replaced! If not they can use it down at the bike co-op.


I came across this trash heap back in the Plateau. Three of those bags are just full of (French) books. Another bag was full of CDs and another had some other random stuff, including an old Xbox and a cool faux-gas lamp. I took the CDs and the Xbox (I haven’t tested it yet, however). There was also a nice teapot that I left on the street for someone to take.

I invite anyone interested to check out these books and etc! Trash day in this area is Tuesday evening, so they should be around for a day and a half yet (assuming no one else finds them first). Based on the profile of the trash I think someone moved or is moving very soon and decided to leave this stuff behind.

If interested you can find this trash on the corner of St-Andre and the alley just north of Laurier on the left-hand side (the alley runs adjacent to Laurier).

6 thoughts on “First come first served”

  1. I hope the tire fits your bike.

    I heard about this bike trailer on the CBC TV show “Dragon’s Den” last evening, gave it a Google (thinking of you) and came across this raffle, which is drawn every three months. The winner gets a free Maya Cycle single-wheel bicycle trailer. Here’s what it looks like Here is the FAQ page on this Canadian company, and its products. And here’s the raffle page – Good luck!

  2. I am in love with your blog! I really am! There are no garbage pile ups where I live, so I am vicariously living through your blog.

  3. I am happy that you are in walking mode in this beautiful weather.Please walk on Bernard Avenue on recycling/garbage pickup day.Also walk on Champagneur,Querbes,Waverly,Wiseman,Chateaubriand,Hartland,Sunlop,Antonine Maillet,Davaar,Pratt,Dunlop,etc.How many of those streets have you walked on?Each of those streets has its charm and you might find something delightful in those big wheeled plastic bins with lids behind apartment buildings or in trash bags on the curb.

  4. I hope someone rescues those books in the alley.When I see books or furniture apparently abandoned in an alleyway,I let them stay there for six hours or a day before rescuing them.Sometimes people who move forget things and come back to claim them a day later.But in the end if the owners do not come back to rescue them,it is better for strangers to take them—otherwise the garbage truck might take them.

  5. Hey Martin, I am a Montreal activist/filmmaker working on a television show with my agenda of environmentalism in the media. I would love to speak with dumpster divers and people who can create a gourmet meal out of perfectly good items that have been thrown away. Please inbox me! 🙂

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