Casualties of spring


Spring cleaning season is upon us and I expect to find a different character of trash over the next month or so. I didn’t find much today, but I did come across this little pile that fits into the mould of “spring cleaning” trash.

crayons and paints

I pulled a bunch of useful stuff from the black bags above. Here we have a lot of crayons, some squeeze paints (top left – some of which have never been opened), craft scissors like the ones I used in elementary school, and one of those paint sets that just need a little water.

random screws and etc

These jars were full of various screws and nails and other doohickeys. One of the jars (bottom centre) contained 30 pennies, including one from 1959 and an American penny from 1919.


Finally, some miscellaneous stuff: two garden hose attachments, two cans of paint (they sound like there’s liquid inside, which is a good sign), a UHF splitter, and some kind of handle.

Lots of good stuff! I don’t really need any of it though (other than the pennies though – that’s my tip!), so if anyone wants it they can email me at First email gets it! If there’s no takers I’ll put it on CL or pawn it off on some friends.

Site news: I added a lot of new stuff to the “Things I sold / best of” section and switched around the “Garbage giveaways” section to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Also, the 2-way radio receiver I found a couple of weeks ago sold today on Ebay for 163.61$. Pretty nice! – especially considering I explicitly said I couldn’t test it to prove it worked. It cleaned up pretty nice though and it sold for about 80-100$ cheaper than one proven to work would have, so someone may have gotten a pretty good deal.

11 thoughts on “Casualties of spring”

  1. hi- i’d be interested in the miscellaneous stuff you recovered today- the garden hose attachments and ikea stain, etcetera, if you still have ’em. thanks!michelle

    Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 03:06:18 +0000 To:

  2. Pennies … a dying breed.

    I see some Tintex dye there. You haven’t made a new tie-dye shirt for a while, so now you’re set to go. 🙂

  3. Interestingly, tie-dye came to the counterculture because starving artists were buying clothes at places like The Salvation Army, and the available shirts were white collar. So tie-dying was applied to those white shirts for color and variety. The technique wasn’t new, but that’s how it vectored into the culture.


  4. hi,

    i would like to pickup the stuff in the second picture. i help homeschool 7 children who could use it. i emailed you about it.



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