I made it out this morning to look for trash in Rosemont / Parc Ex. I spied something laying in the shelf of this piece of furniture.


It’s a camera tripod. The piece that connects the right leg to the frame is busted, but I think someone with motivation could fix it up and get it working adequately well. My roommate (who knows more about these things than I) said it could definitely be used for parts either way.


I saw these maps (there’s one in behind as well) close to Villeneuve and St Laurent. They were from the mid 80s – back in the days when the Soviet Union took up a quarter of the map. Here’s hoping they found a good home!


A bunch of furniture behind the Chainon thrift store. This is a good place to check out for furniture if you’re looking to live cheaply. There’s never anything too special, but if you just need a comfy chair you might find it here.


A couch leaning casually against a tree.


I found this bike just south of Rachel. Next to it was a cut lock, so I guess someone parked their bike where they shouldn’t have or abandoned it over the winter. It was in pretty good shape other than the fact that the brakes didn’t work at all. I was going to donate it to the bike co-op down the road, but two people, one on a bike and one off, saw me playing with it and asked me about it. My french isn’t great so I don’t know exactly what was said but I ended up giving them the bike. They seemed grateful, and I hope it gets put to good use!

kenwood cb radio

Finally, I recovered this dusty Kenwood transceiver (TK-8180) from a trash bag in Rosemont. It’s pretty clean (other than the dust) and I have a feeling that it’s in working condition. Something similar in “as is – for parts” condition sold for 30$ on Ebay recently so I may be able to get a bit of cash for this one!

There’s definitely been more interesting trash in the last couple of days. Maybe I’ll have some more to show you tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Transception”

  1. You should have taken the map and kept it or given it away through Craigslist.I hope it got taken before it went into the garbage.I am always on the lookout for shelving units for knickknacks and books and CDs and DVDs .I hope I will find them in the trash in my neighborhood of Verdun if someone throws them out.

    1. I found the maps pretty early, so it had a few hours (on a very nice day) for someone to find. I hope they found a good home. As for shelving units keep your eyes on the curb near the end of the month – a lot of people leave these things behind when they move.

  2. I am happy you ventured out into Park Extension this time.The weather is getting warmer,and you can definitely venture out into Outremont,Ville St.Laurent and Ahuntsic to search through the trash.Ahuntsic is a very large borough north of Cremazie boulevard,and it needs attention from you.It goes right up to Gouin boulevard by the river.
    Check each borough’s garbage and recycling pickup schedule before biking out,especially if the borough is far away from your apartment.

  3. Thanks for your blog.I visit the Plateau often because one of my friends lives on St.Hubert Street between Laurier and Mont Royal.I walked St.Hubert between Laurier and Sherbrooke several times last year;twice I spotted good stuff in the trash at night.Once I saw a wonderful folding table and a turntable for playing vinyl records.I hope somebody took them.Another day I saw a box full of spools of blue,green and yellow ribbons as well as a collection of wonderful hardcover Hardy Boys books in great condition plus hardcover dictionaries,books from Rudyard Kipling,Oscar Wilde and Michael Ondaatje.I took home six Hardy Boys books as well as books from Rudyard Kipling.On St.Hubert street in the Plateau,my friend said,a lot of good stuff gets trashed because a lot of artists and students move in and out every few months.Check St.Hubert street often.
    PersonallY I was raised on Molson street in Ville St.Michel.You could check the trash too on that street if you are in the neighborhood.

  4. I lived on beautiful Drake street in Cote St.Paul,near metro Jolicoeur,until last year.I used to find some interesting things in the trash there,including art supplies.I hope you can visit Cote St.Paul on trash/recycling pickup day.In particular,please bike on Champigny street between Drake and Laurendeau;also bike on Leprohon street,Biencourt and Maricourt street between Drake and Laurendeau.I do not think you have ventured there so far.Happy hunting to you.

    1. It’s pretty far, but I think I’ll try to pay a visit to a bunch of different areas come summer! I’ll pass by.

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