A computer monitor and garbage gold pt. 2


I biked around last night and saw this trash in front of the “Marketing Waste” building. This time there were more old files in boxes and a big computer monitor laying on top.

dell 2407

It’s a big 24″ flat screen monitor by Dell. It doesn’t turn on, but I’m going to look into trying to fix it. My sister knows a bit about these things so maybe she can help me out. I opened it up and saw a couple of capacitors that look suspect, so replacing those could be the solution.

I found the same model of monitor, which also didn’t turn on, on Ebay and it sold for close to 40$. In working condition it sold for up to 200$. This could be a good opportunity for me to learn some basic repair techniques, which would serve me well in this business I’m in.

Now for more jewelry!


This necklace is marked 750, which means 18k gold.


This necklace is marked as 10k and “M1.” It has two little knots in it that are proving hard to untangle!


These earrings are marked as 10k.

cardinal watch

A “Cardinal” brand watch. It’s probably the kind of thing you’d buy at Sears in the 80s.

quebec flag pin

I little pin emblazoned with the Quebec flag. It was made in Quebec by “Ballou Reg’d”.

monet necklace

This gold-plate chain was made by Monet, a company that’s fairly well-known.

sarah coventry

A cool vintage “Sarah Coventry” (marked Sarah Cov) ring. It’s gold plate.


Finally, a little angel pin made by Olit USA. This one’s definitely a bit more modern.

Now I have to figure out what I’ll do with this stuff!

4 thoughts on “A computer monitor and garbage gold pt. 2”

  1. Hi, I’ve just discovered this blog and wanted to say that as an artist, I love seeing all the cool stuff you find, it’s very inspiring and interesting to me. I disagree strongly with the throwaway nation that’s been created in modern times and so it’s super awesome that you’re redistributing some of these gems. Hope one day I’ll be brave enough to do something similar!

  2. The soup tureen that you found looks very good.You struck gold in Rosemont.Please lift the lid of those plastic recycling bins and garbage bins and look inside in many arondissements on garbage pickup day.You would be surprised at your finds.The Town of Mount Royal is snooty and wealthy;they have tall plastic garbage bins and recycling bins.If you check there on garbage/recycling pickup day,please report your findings on the blog.You can also check inside the tall plastic garbage /recycling bins of apartment complexes in areas such as downtown,Ville St.Laurent and NDG to make more exciting discoveries.Those arondissements have a high density of large apartment complexes.

  3. I wonder if you still have the knotted gold necklace, but try to unlock the knots with an extremely thin needle…. i alwasy do that, and its working fine…but you need to be a bit patient haha.

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