Happy New Year!


Happy New Year all! I hope 2013 treats you well. I have a feeling it’ll be a pretty good year.

I made it out for a trash run before going to a friend’s to celebrate the new year. There wasn’t much but I did come across one spot with some good stuff.


From the looks of things a boutique closed shop and left some of their old stuff on the curb. The place was called “Boutique Lisbonne,” which is how you spell Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, in French. I figure that the owners were Portuguese as the store was in a part of town where a lot of Portuguese have settled over the years.


I think this whole trash bin was full of clothes hangers.


There was a box with a good amount of dishes in it. I took a few, but someone else came by and carried home a good haul. As I was leaving the same guy (who presumably lived nearby) came back to look again. He had an interest in the chairs in the back right of the last picture. Here’s hoping he took some more. It was good to see the stuff getting “saved.”


The dishes I took. I really like the old “cream petal” plate, which was made by Grindley in England. There’s also a good knife, a small decorative plate of Portugal, and a couple of mugs. I’m not sure why I took the square mug on the right; it’s not very practical. However, it did seem kind of unique somehow.


I also brought home this nice wood serving tray and a working calculator.

Pioneer cassette player

I rummaged this Pioneer double-cassette player out of one of the bags. It’s in really good cosmetic shape – not even scratched up or anything. The lights come on and it seems to play and rewind well. I haven’t been able to test the audio (or the recording) yet, but all signs so far are positive. If it works well I can probably get about 40$ for it, which seems to be the going price on Ebay.

In other news…

I sorted through the cassettes from the other day. There were a lot of bootlegged cassettes that I didn’t have interest in but there were some good ones as well, including Nirvana, Pantera, and Sonic Youth. I have a bunch of leftover cases and tapes that I don’t really want though. If anyone has an art project involving cassette or something let me know. Otherwise – can you recycle cassette cases?

I think I’ll try to sell the CDs from the same post on Ebay. CD collections still sell it seems, and altogether they may get me 50-60 bucks. Not bad!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. I found some nice kitchen stuff in the garbage on Christmas eve, a huge stainless steel pot, some plastic containers, it was all in such a good condition, I just had to wash it all! So it was a very Merry Christmas to me 🙂

  2. I’m sure thrift stores would be happy to get a supply of sturdy, clean hangers like that. Instead of simply throwing them out, why can’t people make the effort to travel to the nearest thrift store and drop them off.

    With its flower motif, that little square mug would make a nice planter for an indoor windowsill herb … maybe chives or something like that.

  3. Lol. I just read a post on another blog about being optimistic spring boarded from all the optimism folks have at New Year). When I saw your 1st photo in this post, my first thought was oh wow what fun and excitement awaits. I guess that confirms I’m an optimist through and through. Love your blog. Thx

  4. You are brilliant and come up with superb discoveries.You also describe the objects you find very eloquently and have a great vocabulary.Have you thought about writing a book on trash-checking and people’s throwaway habits after a few years of research?As a young male,I do go through people’s trash myself often–when something interesting sparks my curiosity.You are giving me hope that there are other young people doing this too.Keep it up,my man and do think of expanding on your blog.

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