Bit of jewelry and an old wooden box

The finds on Tuesday morning were good, but the evening was pretty dry.

I did find this luggage inside one of the above bags. It was musty and a bit damp – it’d probably been in a basement for a long time. There were some pretty random things in there, like a couple of clipboards and a VCR tape for some movie. There was also a bunch of jewelry.

It was all vintage, but not much in the way of precious metals (my standards are getting high eh?). I’ll show you a few pieces though.

A little bracelet (I think) marked “Adrienne.” It’s marked as being “Gold filled” “Sterling base” and “Gold seal.”

A couple of cute teddy bear hair clips.

A nice old sterling silver ring. A few rocks are missing on the front.

Another Waltham watch. This one’s not worth nearly as much as the last one though!

This is an odd little metal box (only 1 inch tall) which opens up to show a figurine of Jesus. The figurine is marked “Germany” on the bottom.

Finally, this is a wooden box I found with the gold Waltham watch from a few weeks back. It contained some of the tobacciana that I posted in the past, so I’m guessing it would have been for that purpose originally.

It’s in decent shape – a little love would probably make it really great. The coolest part though is the inscription (last picture):
“Alfred Wood Lee from Ada Lee Willis, Christmas 1888.” There’s a few symbols lower than that but I don’t recognize them.

This box (and maybe some contents) were a gift for someone about 125 years ago!

That’s all for now!

8 thoughts on “Bit of jewelry and an old wooden box”

  1. Have you checked out the treasures in garbage in wealthy Outremont and demographically mixed Villeray?You might find some great treasures there.I was visiting a relative in Villeray two years ago,and I found some wonderful wildlife coffee table books in a recycling bin in Villeray.I keep them on a bathroom shelf and view the beautiful pictures every so often.

    1. I haven’t spent too much time in either. It looks like Villeray’s trash day is tomorrow in the morning, so I might check it out.

      I’ll look into Outremont too. The fact that it’s wealthy might make for some good finds.

      Glad to see you found some good trash!

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