Water jug and updates

Not too much yesterday…

But I did find this cool vintage-y water jug made by Carlton Glass.

I think the design is pretty cool. There’s no cap, but that’s okay. Apparently if you leave water in the open air the chlorine in it will evaporate, and that sounds like a good thing to me. I may use this as my open air water jug.


I got rid of a couple of things off Craigslist. The cigars from the other day didn’t last long: I put them up for barter, but I ended up selling them for 20$. The guy seems confident that he can restore them.

I don’t think I posted about these salt shakers. I found them in front of a restaurant that seemed to be preparing for their first day of business. I recently gave them all (using the CL free section) to an older woman who was planning on using them for arts and crafts. She insisted on giving me some coupons for free fries at McDonald’s as a token of appreciation which was nice of her. It also happens to be the one of the only thing I’ll eat at McDonald’s so that worked out too.

I wish these folks good luck with their new things!

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