I came across this big pile of trash only a couple of blocks from my place. It produced some pretty decent stuff.

I found a few cellphones and a digital camera. One of the phones is a Blackberry 9800, which is still valuable even if it’s not working. The other Blackberry is missing a battery. The Nokia looks brand new, but I can’t test it because the charger is one of those that only works in Europe. I’ll probably package these together in one Ebay auction and see what it goes for. Ebay is great for selling broken electronics.

The digital camera is pretty old and untestable. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

I found this laptop too. The screen doesn’t work and it’s an older model but I might be able to get a few bucks for it.

A like-new pack of “Grey Goose” skewers (for cocktails) and a cigarette case.

A pack of six brand new shot glasses. I think I know someone who’ll appreciate these!

Finally, I found this seemingly untouched box of Partagas cigars (15 in total). Apparently it’s a pretty good brand. They’re dry, but apparently you can restore cigars, so maybe I’ll put them on Craigslist and see what happens. In good condition you’d probably pay about 150$ for the pack, at least according to some websites I came across.

I’ve had a few nibbles on other things I put on craigslist, but nothing concrete thus far. I’ll keep you posted!

7 thoughts on “Electronics”

  1. With all the electronics and cigars and shot glasses … looks like you chanced into a James Bond-type lair. 🙂

    Those nice skewers look to be made of pewter.

    I expect there are North American adaptors available for cellphones like this Europen Nokia.

  2. I love reading about the things you find….in our small town of 2500 we put items out for pick up 2 times a year (other than household garbage) and we refer to those days as “junk days”…..everyone is prowling the streets looking through everyones stuff. Put in on the curb at night, and it’s often times gone by morning. Can’t wait to see your next find.

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