A few things for tonight

I looked around a bit tonight but didn’t find too much. I did find this bag of apples, sitting on the top of a full trash bin. A guy nearby was bringing out stuff and I asked if they were his. He indicated that they weren’t and said “they’re good.” Then he casually took an apple out, took a bite, threw the rest of the apple in another trash bin, and said “very good.” Then he walked back to his backyard, where the name “Gerry” was emblazoned on the fence. I got a pretty good chuckle out of it. The apples themselves are fine and I’m not sure why anyone would throw them out. They look like local apples, and the bag was marked simply “Au Revoir et Merci” (Goodbye and thank you), so maybe they were given out at some event and the person who got them wasn’t too big into apples.

I found these things near my old place. The knives look brand new. The weights were slightly rusty, but the handles were in good shape. The 5 piece dish set was intact, outside of one of the smaller bowls being broken. There was also some wire which I figured was good for copper. I left the dishes and knives in a bus stop and the weights in someone’s bike basket (hopefully a good surprise, but maybe not).

I found these things the other day. I pulled these things out of a bag. A few good mason jars with lids and a decent large pot. I left these on a more busy street, hopefully someone got them.

Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff soon!

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