Cats I find in the garbage

I went out last night to the Rosemont area of Montreal and found a few things, but my favorite part of my night was coming across this adorable cat.

I was biking past, looked over and saw this cat just calmly sitting in an empty box. Not much cuter than that I think. Next to the kitty, you might notice, was a record player and a graphic equalizer (which I originally assumed was an amplifier and just found out otherwise).

What I’ve found is that when you see more than one piece of electronics out at a time there’s a much greater chance that they are in working condition. I brought these back and they both seem to work, although I can’t test them fully. The record player has no needle, but the table spins and the arm operates as it should. The graphic equalizer turns on and the lighting on the front looks good. A pretty good find, and maybe worth a few bucks too, although I might like having a record player again.

Now, gratuitous cat photos in a transparent attempt to increase my following:

It was a really cute, playful and affectionate cat. I wanted to take it home, but it had a collar. Oh well…

Anyways, back to business.

This stainless steel kettle seems to be in perfectly fine shape. I already have one, but someone else can surely put it to use. I took it back in an attempt to redistribute it.

These women’s boots were in a bag of trash. They look perfectly new, maybe worn a few times so I took them with me. They were in a bag that otherwise looked average and uninteresting, so I think that maybe they were a gift and were just a bit too small or something like that. The brand is Blondo Canada.

Finally, I found this bizarre knife block that simulates a knife throwing show. It’s really clean and overall in great condition, so I took it back with me. There’s a little plaque on the bottom that reads “Throwzini.” This guy discusses the same product here. There’s also a cool (possibly staged? what do you think?) video here featuring the Throwzini.

I’m not sure it’s my future knife holder, but if I don’t end up using it someone else will!

As an aside, being on the wrong side of a knife throwing show must give you an interesting perspective on life.

2 thoughts on “Cats I find in the garbage”

  1. Any cat worth it’s salt can’t ignore a welcoming empty box. Too cute!

    Great bunch of finds. I expect you’ll find good homes for all of it.

    That Throwzini is a great novelty thingie (though I don’t think I’d want to do what the fellow in the video does; I’d have broken that glass table for sure) and sells for $149 with the knives

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