Books and a tree

I took a nice bike ride tonight and found a few notable things. Lets get to it.

These four bags were in an alley next to rue De la roche. I gave them a kick and felt something familiar.

They were all full of books. They all seemed to be in pretty good condition too, with history being one main theme. I didn’t want to commit to two good walks back to my place so early, so I continued on. I came back later and stashed them away so that the garbage truck wouldn’t get them. If someone finds them in the meantime, so be it.

This tree is long dead, but it’s still a pretty nice pot. I emptied it and put it in my bike cart.

These room dividers were a bit dinged up on the edges, but still looked pretty good! They were way too far away for me to take on bike, but I hope someone got them. They were fairly heavy, which I generally assume means it has a good build quality.

A pretty cool desk, hope someone gets this one too.

A nice tree, this time pretty alive. I got it right before the garbage truck did. I gave it a bit of water and I’ll re-pot it tomorrow. I think it’ll do just fine!

Anyways, that’s it for now, but I should have a post up tomorrow for some stuff I found yesterday.

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