Tip of an iceberg

Yesterday, I found a great load of trash on Esplanade near Marie-Anne. I spent a while there, and came back with some pretty interesting stuff. However, because of my imminent move and the fact that I’m working more frequently, I don’t really have the time now to do it all justice. I’ll give you a hint though – it’s all paper.

For now, there’s a few odds and ends from the same place I can show ya.

A couple of beautiful old alarm clocks. Neither really wound, but I figure someone might have an interest in fixing them. I left them out “for free” in my yard sale and they’re both gone, so that’s good.

A couple of old wood tobacco pipes. The stem on one is cracked, but that’s probably easily fixed.

I like this old lamp. It needs a good clean and a nice lampshade, but otherwise it looks really nice!

I’m not sure what this metal things is. It looks cool though. My guess was something to do with shoe-making. Any thoughts?

I was at work today and found all these photograph holders. A bunch of them contained printoffs of generic pictures of horses and others were prints of some pretty cool drawings of horses and people. I’ll sort through it later – I don’t really want the horse pictures, but I’ll keep a few of the drawings as well as the books themselves.

5 thoughts on “Tip of an iceberg”

  1. FYI – you can get replacement pipe stems at tobacconists. I see the one your dad used to go to (Blatter Bros) is still in business in Montreal http://www.blatterpipes.com/ The right-hand pipe looks the older of the two.

    Nice glass boudoir/table lamp. It’ll sparkle up quite nicely. To do a proper cleaning, you might want to take the lamp apart … and then maybe replace the socket too (they’re cheap, and directions are available on the Internet). Here’s a variation on that kind of lamp http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/crystal-clear–pair-of-vintage-glass-table-lamps-1920s

    That iron gizmo is old. The long piece looks a bit like some kind of specialized wrench at the fat end. The small end looks a bit like a lifter for hot stove lids. I have no guesses about the other, smaller bit.

    As for the drawings, I’d say keep anything that’s original, and anything that has a signature. They don’t take up much space tucked into a big book, and they might have some worth down the road if the artist becomes recognized.

    Here’s the website of a woman who’s featured on the A&E show “Storage Wars, Texas” now. She picks up things on the cheap and then cleans them up and/or repurposes the item and sells them in her store. http://www.marysfinds.com/Marys_Finds/Marys_Finds_Home_.html

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