My Darling Sheila

Hey all,

A while back, not too long before I left on my trip, I happened to go to a storage facility in the Griffintown section of Montreal. A friend of mine was working there, and having worked the same job (and passed it on to him) I knew the dumpsters there were pretty decent. I had found a nice shiny trumpet, a cool palm-tree candle holder, and some books (including a mid 1800s book on fabric table measurements), among other things.

I had a bit of spare time after work and met up with him while he was at the facility, mostly to peek into the garbage. I came across some pretty technical science books, and then I pulled out this green garbage bag. It was full of old love letters, 155 in total, all postmarked in the early 1940s. I was pretty interested, but didn’t have the time to look much at them. I grabbed the bag and headed on home.

Later, I showed them to my roommate Courtney, who took a pretty strong interest in them. I was happy that someone else was interested in them and the unique and personal story they offered, and gave them to her to do with as she pleased.

Now, she has just created a blog devoted to these letters and the exploration of intensely personal and cultural history within. In her own words: “This blog is a romance, a mystery and a glimpse into the past.”

I think it’s a pretty awesome idea, and I think she has the vision and passion needed to make it a really interesting and historically valuable project.

But anyways, enough from me. Check out the first post here!

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