Old Silver from the Windsor

Here’s some of the things I found on Thursday. Apologies on the delay: I’ve been pretty busy looking for places to live starting next month. If anyone knows of any 3 bedrooms apartments around the upper part of the Plateau, let me know!

Some nice pottery pieces here. The maple leaf vase has a really wonderful orange glaze. It is stamped “Canada” on the bottom, and a symbol that seems incomplete. The little jug in the middle is marked “Sère du Pays” then “P.G. Ibeit 1978.” Mary in the back is made of ceramic, and the little trophy on the right is marked “Made in Occupied Japan.”

I love that beaver mug in the back. It’s not the type I would generally drink out of, but I can help but adore the Canadianness of it. The bottom is a bit faded out, but seems to read “Hand Designed – Shafford – R.D. 1950.” I found someone selling a similar one on Etsy for 11 bucks.

The light fixture on the right is very beautiful. I’m not sure what era its from, but I would guess that it’d be around the 20s. I found a box of staples and an old heavy metal stapler, but I seem to have misplaced the stapler. The odd looking tool is likely for some type of sewing or fabric work, and is marked “The Fogarty Co. Limited” on the other side.

These two handsome gentlemen make a good pair. The pipe smoker has a glass bottle inside him, and the mouthy guy (with a not fully functional mouth control) is the cork. I don’t think they originally went together though.

I haven’t found garbage bullets before, and now I have a few different types. The big one is a 30-30 Winchester. The medium is marked 9 5, the second smallest is marked D, and the tiniest is marked “Super X”. They’ll probably go into my next yard sale. I had a need for lighter fluid, so finding some is convenient, and oil is always good to have around.

The base is broken off this trophy, but it’s still kind of interesting. On the back are all the names of winners in previous years. It seems to be from 1977, and I think it’s silver plate. The Temple Emanu-el is a Jewish Congregation operating out of Westmount.

And now my favorite find. This (candle stick?) weighs a fair bit. But what’s most interesting is what’s written on the bottom:

This piece belonged to the Windsor Hotel, one of the most ballin’ hotels in Canada’s history. It first opened in 1878 and was pretty awesome, as evidenced by the pictures on Wikipedia.

It’s plate silver, marked “Triple Deposit – Mappin and Webb’s Princes Plate – London Sheffield.” There’s also 6 dots near the bottom, and something that reads “C 25/1.” I figure it’s gotta be collectible to someone. Definitely not a yard sale piece though.

If anyone knows how I can precisely date when this was made, let me know.

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