Mulroney on a matchbox

I liked this pack of matches I found a few weeks back. It was produced to get the vote out for the old Progressive Conservative Party back in the Mulroney days. Maybe it worked, as the PC Party was barely a factor in Quebec federal politics until Mulroney came around, and hasn’t really been since either.

According to wiki, it’s more likely that Mulroney gained votes in Quebec as a result of being left out of the 1982 Constitution than anything. But hey, maybe it was the matchboxes.

It seems like matchboxes aren’t as popular anymore. I think it’s because the main use for these flimsy paper matches is smoking, and people don’t really want to be associated with that anymore.

As for Michel Gravel, he won in the 1984 election. In 1986 he was charged with bribery and fraud, and pleaded guilty in 1988. He paid a hefty fine, and got a year in prison. A sign of things to come, perhaps?

Michel Gravel on Wiki

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