Organic food and some quail eggs on the road

I took a good long walk with a friend down to the area past St Denis. There wasn’t too much out yet (still a bit early I guess), but I came out with some good stuff.

I was walking down Villeneuve and saw this box of quail eggs strewn across the road. Must have fallen off a truck or something. I didn’t take any, it was just an odd thing to see.

A couple of stamps, and a binder with an interesting shape. One of the stamps says “Annulé” (cancelled/annulled) and the other is an epic masterpiece that begins with “Service d’encaissement garanti de cheques” (basically, a service of guaranteed cashing of cheques). It’s a lot longer, but it’s hard to read backwards, and it doesn’t look too exciting. These probably came from a bank.

Some cool vintage-y clothes hangers.

A whole bunch of food! I found all of this in one bag near Papineau and Sherbrooke. Most likely another spring cleaning casualty. This was all pretty clean, and there’s even some organic stuff. The communal cupboard here is getting pretty full, that’s for sure.

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  1. The black binder is for business cheques. We have an identical one here for Life Profiles. One mystery solved. 🙂

    Keep those wooden hangers. They were used for furs, which are heavy, so they’d be good and sturdy for any kind of coat or suit jacket … much better than wire

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