Past find – Electric Typewriter

I found this just before I started this blog. It was on Villeneuve in the alley next to Parc. It works perfectly fine, and even has a few different ink tones. I set it up in the living room, so people can write down their thoughts without necessarily getting up.

One odd thing about it is the lack of a “1” button. It’s not missing, it’s just not there. If you want to make a “1” you have to do a small case L. Seems odd that they’d leave that off, but I guess I respect the minimalism of it.

2 thoughts on “Past find – Electric Typewriter”

  1. There’s something about a typewriter that makes me want to type. I feel intimidated when I’m sitting in front of a blank Word document and I’m easily distracted when using PCs so nothing ever gets written.

    Good find, and good idea to leave it in the open for everyone to use.

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