Apartment on the curb

I got Karma again today, and I decided to take a walk East of St-Denis for a final look at garbage before I go tree-picking in Kemptville. I should be gone around two weeks in all, so there won’t be as many posts. I’m going to post-date some entries of past garbage I found, so there’ll be an odd thing here and there. Who knows, I might also go out of my way and look for garbage in Kemptville. Never been there, but who knows eh?

Let’s get to it.

Almost everything today comes from this same area on St Joseph near Christophe-Colomb. A couple of guys were cleaning out an apartment and putting all the stuff on the curb. I wish I had taken a picture that showed how much stuff there was total, as there was quite a lot. I feel that this guy may have died, or at best abandoned all this stuff. These two dressers here are quite nice, and the one on the right is a decent antique piece, even if a few handles were missing. I was too far from home to think about that though.

This was what was in the top two drawers of the left dresser. The bottom two had some clothes in it. Some personal stuff, some new dentures in plastic, a pack of flints, and a bunch of coins just casually lying around on the bottom.

Here’s a close up of the coins. Some of them are a bit old, with a 1935 American penny being the oldest. I gave most of these to a friend who collects coins. I like a few and might keep them, or give them away too. I like the ones with pictures of birds on them (New Zealand 1961 Sixpence, Cayman Islands 1982 1p), to add to my small collection of coins with birds on them. That is currently comprised of that 1967 Canada penny with the bird on it – my all time favorite penny.

In these boxes were all kinds of dishes, pots, pans, and cutlery. The guy bringing the stuff from the apartment (who didn’t know who all this belonged too) insisted that there wasn’t anything good in it. I had found some plates though, and he wasn’t too worried about it as long as I didn’t make a mess. He was even helpful, giving me a bag that came in handy later.

I pulled these dishes from those boxes, and a few other things, like a calculator. I remember that my dad had a calculator like that back in the day. It’s a good design. I tried taking it all, but I was too far from home, and it was too heavy. I didn’t really need plates, but there was just about a complete set of dishes, and I liked the pattern on them. There were also a few corning ware baking things and two decent cast-iron pans. I ended up only taking a few things.

I took these two glasses, the plate (I liked that design), and the little vase in the back. There was another glass I brought, but it didn’t survive the trip. I recycled it though, so at least I helped waste a bit less.

I found this pin in one of the drawers. My rough translation is “It can no longer continue like this.” On the edge is written that it was printed for Robert St-Jean, an “agent officiel du Parti Quebecois,” so this pin is probably an artifact from the early parts of the Quebec separatist movement.

I also found this camera tripod. It came in a case and everything. I’ve been looking to buy one, and unfortunately my camera doesn’t fit it, unless I have to buy a mount or something. I’ve never used one of these – does anyone know how to connect it to a generic point and click camera?

This is the only thing I didn’t find in that big pile. I’m not sure if this tin is vintage, or made to look vintage. Maybe I’ll look it up later.

3 thoughts on “Apartment on the curb”

  1. That calculator is exactly the same as the one your dad had. It was the best calculator I ever used.

    Thea might have liked the cast iron pans. She’s getting into that kind of cookware.

    I didn’t know you were collecting coins with birds on the, I’ve made a note. 🙂

    If you ever run across collections of letters, hang on to them. They might be able to be worked up into a book or a short story.

    Hope you enjoy your experience in Kemptville.

    1. Unfortunately, I left the box for a while and when I got back the calculator was gone. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a sweet calculator. Maybe I’ll come across another one someday.

      I find letters often enough, so you may be in luck.

      As for the coins, I have a collection of three, so it’s not too big, lol. If you find some let me at them, but I’m not trying to get a massive accumulation either. The ones I have just sit on my keyboard on top of the arrow buttons.

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