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Just posting a few more finds from last summer. This spot provided a fair bit of “quality junk,” but I only took pictures of some of the finer stuff. One day I found a bit of jewelry, most of which was in this black case.
That bracelet was solid gold, which was a nice find because it had some weight to it. Also gold was the pendant (I forget what that design symbolizes… but I’ve seen it before), the broken chain necklace and the metal bits on the beaded necklace. The Givenchy watch has Chinese characters which is fairly unusual, it’ll probably take a bit of time but I expect it’ll sell for a couple hundred bucks (give or take) at some point. The pen was completely empty inside, I thought it was sterling but it turned out to be just plated.
Also nice was this white gold pendant, which I think was originally an antique earring whose pair was lost. The stones were all diamonds, and I think it sold for 200$ (give or take, was a while back now) via eBay auction.
These folks also tossed a bit of silver, including this Seder cup and mini plate…
… and a cute solid silver menorah. The rest of the stuff was plated.
Last but not least is this nice “Boumier ware” set designed by Lucien Boullemier, who was apparently a soccer player before becoming a ceramicist. A couple pieces had been damaged, but repaired in a pretty discrete way. Looking at this picture now, I wish I’d kept a piece or two, the luster was very pretty… alas you can’t keep it all. Or photograph it all – I also found lots of clothes (mostly 80s, and sometimes from the recycling bin), books, kitchenwares, boxes full of brand new golf balls, several pairs of barely used golf shoes, and other quality junk. But eventually the supply ran out, and last I looked the house is still being renovated nearly one year later.

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  1. Thanks for the update, always interesting. Let’s hope the pickin’s are good in the new year.

  2. Thank you for making/taking time to write and share another blog post. They always give me a sense of hope (along with astonishment at what folks throw away!) May you have a terrifically successful and satisfying 2022!!!

  3. Another post! Golly, I am indeed blessed! Your 2021 blog posts are going out with a bang.
    Very nice finds. I hope good spots like this are plentiful in the new year!
    What’s that moon thingie in the second picture? Was it silver?
    Another question: How come you can’t click on the pictures anymore? I miss that “closer” look. 🙂

  4. Ahhh, Christmas came early for me, as your post is a true gift. I am always in awe of your researching skills. Reading about Lucien Boullemier (quite the name for an English footballer) has led me down an enjoyable rabbit hole. Love those coral beads!

  5. Happy to see another entertaining post from you. I’m always shocked at what gets tossed, always.

  6. merry Christmas and all the very best in the New years… love , love seeing your finds, amazing what people toss–
    good luck and all the very best

  7. Merry Christmas, Martin! I am always so happy to see a new post. Thank you for sharing! It is always so incredible to see what you find.

  8. Fun post! Have you lived in other areas? I wonder if where you live now is better or worse than other neighborhoods you have been in? I can’t imagine where I live finding these sorts of things??

    1. I travel around to lots of different neighbourhoods, particularly the richer ones. My neighbourhood used to be more interesting, but there’s not as much vintage stuff as there used to be… gentrification and all that

  9. Thank you for your posts! They have inspired me and I love knowing there are people like you in the world.

  10. Martin, Fab heart stopping finds. Thanks for sharing. The heavy gold necklaces are def 70/80s and probably were grandma’s hand me downs that would not appeal to a younger person. Surprisingly not all people realize you can monetize gold. Wishing you a happy and profitable new year. Diane

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