Just up the street

This was one of my more exciting spots last fall. They started tossing right around when someone living just up the street stopped.

On one of my best days here I found a bunch of loose jewelry in a bin. There was a bit more inside some black trash bags.

Overall I saved about 3.25 pounds of jewelry. A small portion of that was silver and gold.

I thought that ring in the gold pile might be white gold, but it turns out that stainless steels holds up well against the testing acid. Regardless, I can’t complain about this haul. The bottom right piece was designer costume jewelry, I forget by who.

Don’t worry, that’s just an air gun. It sold for good money at auction though. Otherwise, I found a couple camcorders, cell phones, a Blackberry tablet, two iPods, and a bit more silver & gold jewelry (I wish I took a close-up photo of that bunch). On the right is a David Yurman sterling silver money clip that I sold on eBay for just north of 200$.

The suitcases in the first picture emerged on one of the last productive trash days. A couple of them produced quality finds.

That little wooden box held a set of old weights, as well as two golden nuggets.

They’re heavy, and test as high purity gold, so I think that’s what they are! It seemed that there was at least a couple generations of dentists in this family, so I’m assuming these would have been used in dental fillings. With a combined weight of about 18 grams, and assuming they’re 20k or above, these little pebbles are worth about a grand in scrap.

Other notables include a marcasite and silver bracelet, a silver “US Air Force Strategic Air Command” ring, and a Jaeger le Coultre travel alarm watch. It didn’t work at all, but being a nice brand I was still able to sell it for a bit over 200$. All in all this was certainly one of my best spots of the year.

I had some luck Tuesday in NDG last week, but car troubles set me back Wednesday thru Friday. Hopefully this week I’ll end my cold spell, which has been going for around three months now. Fortunately, preceding that was a roughly six month long hot streak, so the lull isn’t bothering me too much (besides being boring).

16 thoughts on “Just up the street”

  1. Golden Pebbles. Just when you think your finds can’t possibly get any better. Wow.

  2. Gee, I canโ€™t remember the last time I threw gold nuggets in the trash!

  3. I love the old seed packets, especially the oldest ones. Let me know if you are willing to mail them.

  4. That was a fun post. Love a treasure hunt. I used to buy broken pieces of gold jewelry at tag sales, but have not found any in years. My best find was a heavy wire 1970 choker for 50 cents that was worth $900 scrap value

  5. I love all your posts. When I see one it makes my day, especially during these COVOD times. I’m doing my happy dance right now, ’cause you’re back!
    You found a very nice variety of interesting stuff and things at that place. It was clearly a profitable spot too! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish I could examine all your rings up close; I love that turquoise one.
    Keep up the great work. I love what you do.

  6. I love that you measured the jewelry you saved in pounds. Not the way I usually think about jewelry. Every post you write astounds me with what folks throw out! I remain very grateful that you are able to re-claim things that you can re-sell AND also for the example you provide for the rest of us. THANK YOU for all you do, Martin!!!

  7. Looks like you have a vintage fishing kit in the pictures with the cameras.

  8. That’s quite a trove of nice items. Congrats on the finds. I hope yard sales will be possible soon. That’s something I really miss and am looking forward to. Maybe some of those lovely items will turn up on a sunny sale day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Why have you not put up any posts on your blog for more than a month?.I have been finding a lot of perfumes,creams,cosmetic products,CDs ,etc in Rosemont and Villeray this spring.This is supposed to be the best time of the year for you.Good luck and stay in good spirits.I am holding my breath for your next post.

  10. Are you in summer hibernation?Hope you are in good health and spirits.Anxiously awaiting your next post.

  11. Are you in summer hibernation?I hope you are in good health and spirits.Eagerly awaiting your next post.

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