It’s the end of the month, which means people are moving and leaving stuff on the curb at inappropriate times. Last night I came across a couple of promising looking bags and a kick left me thinking it might be food. I opened it up and found some good stuff. It was probably what was left in the cupboards and fridge after someone moved away.

I found:

Olive oil (smells good!)

Twinings Earl Grey tea (maybe 10 clean looking bags)

Kusmi green tea with almond scent (another 10 bags)

Jar of anchovy filets (unopen)

Little stick of butter (open, but looks clean)

Some soft cheese (open, a few cuts out of it but looks good)

Some hard cheese (unopen!)

A little thing of chocolate (already ate it, and it was good!)

I won’t lie: even though this all looks good from an instinctual perspective it’s still a challenge for me to think objectively about it. I still think about the worst case scenario, even though I don’t really know what that entails.

The fear itself is interesting. What is that worst-case scenario I keep considering? Did someone cover it with invisible rat-poison for reasons unknown, or maybe there was chicken I didn’t see in the bag that oozed a layer of salmonella all over the food? Both these are extremely unlikely, and even if it were the case I would be able to tell that something was up. A more realistic fear is that the food has gone bad, but with things such as cheese and butter and such you can always tell. There’s mold, or it smells funky, or whatever. Even then, a little bit won’t kill you.

So, I’m going to eat this stuff, and share it with friends. I’m thankful I found this in a nice clean trash bag. Somewhere out in Kenya, people are eating straight out of a dumpsite ( because that’s what they have to do to make a living (interesting video here:

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Food and nails

I got out again today and found some decent stuff.

Pretty early on I found these bags of rice in front of a depanneur. The bags are sealed, so I doubt much can go wrong with them.

An old kick of the bag revealed that the contents were pretty heavy. I explored further…

The bags were full of hardware. Lots of nails, screws, hinges, and lots of other good stuff that I don’t really recognize. This would cost you a pretty penny at a store, and I took all of it back with me in my backpack.

There was also a box with some decent looking cutlery and other kitchen stuff. I left it on a more populated road for others to scavenge from.

There was a photo album in with all the other stuff. Makes you wonder why it was all thrown out in the first place.

There was a whole bunch of stuff out on Papineau near St-Gregoire. Some of it was kind of gross, but there were a lot of good dishes and a nice big metal pot. I took a few small knives, but left the rest. When I went back later, the big pot was gone and a little chunk was taken out of the dishes, so that’s good.

I found a fair bit of food here. I was rummaging through what seemed like someone’s pantry, and a guy who lived nearby gave me a big can of unopened wasabi peas, which was pretty nice. I haven’t had those for a while, and thought I didn’t like them, but it turns out I do!

There were three (now only one) granola bars in that box. Sesame seeds taste find (though they expired in 2011). There’s some lentils which seem fine, and the can of wasabi peas. There’s also some face clay stuff, which I’m sure is still good.

The organic sugar was open but it looks pretty good. There’s also some salt, some tumeric that seems fine, and some sealed organic wheat bran. For some reason I took a picture of the clay stuff twice!

This was in it’s original packaging (marked 34$) and is in like new condition. It’s pretty damn sharp – I know, having cut myself on it preparing this photo. Not sure I’ll use it, but it seems like it might be pretty good so I’ll give it a shot.

All kinds of tea! All of it is in sealed bags (other than the Twinings Earl Grey, which is loose but looks fine), so I’m sure it’s good to go. There are also two catnip sprayer things for cats.

Now I gotta cook some food using this stuff! Maybe after making friends with the neighborhood cats.

Yesterday’s finds

I got out yesterday, but was feeling a bit under the weather so I didn’t upload them. It was a cold, damp day, and today is no different. I may take a walk later to look for more past St-Denis, but I may also just stick around and get some cleaning done. 


These skates look fine. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, but I’ll probably leave them outside in a box for someone else. 


This chair is pretty nice. The cushion’s a bit dirty, but I think it’ll clean up pretty good. Still, not sure what I’ll do with this either.


I took the duct tape, but left the mask more visible than it was before, so that someone else could take it if they so desired.


I found two pairs of boots and a pair of shoes in a bag. I moved them across the street, and left them out for others to take. I was going to check on them later, but never made it back. I also found two Boris malt alcohol drinks in the place across the street. I probably won’t drink them, but someone will!


I got all this food from a bag on St-Joseph / Esplanade. Got some apple juice, coconut milk (been finding lots of this!), seaweed, dry chickpeas and lentils, some sesame seeds, cocunut, and tapioca. The seaweed expired two years ago, but I doubt it matters (input welcome!). I got found a nice spatula and two mugs. The ledger in the back was from somewhere else. I might use that to keep Settlers of Catan statistics. 


A big ol’ Thermos, pretty vintage. It’s in good shape. I’ll give it a good clean and it should be good to go. What’s the best way to clean a thermos?



A nice old McBrine suitcase.


It’s pretty clean on the inside. Overall, in quite good shape. I found the bike pump and laces with the food from earlier.


Got some shoes too! They’re in decent shape, though they look like they probably let in water. They fit me though, and can be my dry-weather shoes. I’ll throw them in the wash and give them a go.