The weather yesterday was pretty nasty but I did make it out to take a look around for good trash. There was lots of snow and then rain which created giant puddles of slush and ensured all your clothes got wet. I chose to walk – taking a bike in that kind of weather is more frustrating than it’s worth.

On to the finds.


I found this pan in one of these bags. I pulled it out and it looked decent, if dirty, and I brought it home.

frying pan

It cleaned up pretty good! I have no need for it so I’m going to give it away. I’m not sure why someone would throw it out – unless it’s originally came with a lid. Regardless it’s definitely still good for a lot of cooking needs.


smith corona sl-80

In one of these bags was a relatively new-ish electric typewriter. It’s case was designed to make it so that you could carry the typewriter like a suitcase. I brought it back but it seems to be broken. I’m thinking I might deconstruct it and make it into some kind of art.


I saw these boots in a small bag alongside some larger bags containing mostly spent cleaning supplies. They looked pretty nice (and my size) so I brought them back with me. I threw them in the oven on low for a good hour and a half (probably overkill, but at least in the winter the oven serves a dual purpose of heating your house) to ensure the lack of bugs.

riverland boots

They’re pretty good, and above all my size. I walked around briefly in them and they were pretty comfortable. They look like they’ve rarely been used. The brand is “Riverland” and they’re apparently waterproof. I already have a pair of boots, though these ones look a bit tougher. Over the next little while I’ll evaluate both pairs and decide if I have a use for two similar pairs of boots. If not someone’s going to get some free boots!

A new pair of shoes


I biked around looking for trash yesterday afternoon. The weather wasn’t ideal – mild but with a fair bit of fresh snow – but I did find a few things.


I pulled these pots out of the pile in the above picture. Nothing fancy, but not bad. I’ll put them up on CL.

UPDATE: Given away on CL!


I also found this kettle. It’s perfectly fine. I may bundle it with the stuff above in one CL post.

UPDATE: I left this at a friend’s house. She said she could probably find someone who wants it.


Another pile of stuff near Fairmount and St Laurent. There was a decent looking computer in there but it got wet from the snow (and it’s doubtful it’s better than my current model)


These shoes were casually put in this box with other odds and ends.

jack purcell converse

I brought them back home thinking they might fit, but they’re just one size too small. Too bad because I think they’re pretty cool. They’re also pretty much in perfect shape!

I baked them in the oven on low for a good hour and a bit, which is a good way to make sure they’re bug free. I looked them up on Ebay and new versions of this shoe are selling for close to 70 bucks before shipping, so I may try to barter these on Craigslist. If that doesn’t work I’ll put them on Ebay. If any Montrealer’s are reading and interested they’re a size 10 for men and 11.5 for women. I’d trade for a good amount of organic food or microbrew beer, or maybe a similar pair of shoes that are one size bigger 😉


I also found some things in front of a place where I found a lot of good stuff in the past. Just a few little things: a mini lantern, an old pad for addresses (?), and a lamp with a busted shade that I figure I might be able to turn into something cool again.

An older guy on a bike came by looking for scrap metal. I helped him out a bit and he made off with a decent amount of scrap, including a few good hunks of copper (which seems to be the most valuable scrap metal). I’m glad people are doing this – it helps save metal from the trash, and it gets recycled so we don’t have to mine more of it.

Winter’s here!

It’s getting chilly out! I haven’t looked for trash for a while, but I did make it out last night and found a few things.


This pile of stuff looked like it was a result of some basement cleaning. I wonder if there’ll be a little bump in interesting trash in the next week or so as people go into their basements to get their Christmas stuff and decide to get rid of some old junk that’s been sitting around for years.

Here’s some of the junk that was in these bags and boxes:

vintage 80s cracked and MAD magazines

I carried home 26 of these 1980s MAD and Cracked magazines. I tried reading a couple but they really aren’t very funny. I think when I was 8 I might have found it funny, and that’s probably around when this guy got them.

UPDATE: I ended up recycling these. I figure that recycling the paper was more valuable than having a few more MAD Magazines in the world. To all those selling MAD Magazines: they’re now slightly more rare! Bump up the price!

nerves of steel

There were a bunch of old game CDs (a lot of which were for demo versions) and I took home these two. The left is extra levels and demos for some really old games like Doom. The right is a game called “Nerves of Steel” which looked exceptionally bad (the tagline is: “Do you have nerves of steel?). I looked it up and someone described it as the “worst [shooter] ever made.”

old computer gaming magazines

There were lots more magazines but I could only take so many. I figured these old computer gaming magazines might make for some good collages.


Another pile of trash I came across on Papineau.

pogo stick

I found this pogo stick, which seems to be in fine shape…

UPDATE: Given away on CL

old power drill

and an old power drill. I like the look of these old drills. I’m giving it away to someone who wants to make it into a steampunk gun of some sort.

UPDATE: Given away on CL


I also found this doohickey wrapped up in plastic. I have no idea what it is but it’s pretty heavy and seems to be in fine shape other than a minor rust spot in the middle. Maybe I’ll try to give it to the guy who’s taking the power drill.

UPDATE: still sitting in my staircase

That’s all for now!