Financial year in review: income sources

The second part (part one) of my 2015 financial analysis focuses on income sources, or how I made my money. I again need to thank my friend Sarah for designing the excellent pie chart you see below!


As you can see eBay is my dominant income source. In the past few years I’ve become much more comfortable selling on the site and its piece of the pie chart has grown a lot as a result. I expect it to grow again in 2016, barring any unexpected surprises from the other categories. Thanks to my improving organizational skills I recently reached a total of 180 eBay listings – an all time high – and there is a definite link between the number of listings and total profits.

Yard sales also provided a consistent source of income. I regularly make around 200$ a sale, and sometimes more. They’re a lot of work though, so I might try a “less is more” approach next year.

I started using Kijiji (basically a Canadian version of Craigslist) more often starting around the middle of summer. It’s an excellent way to get rid of large items that would be expensive to ship. I expect to make more from these local sales again in 2016.

I use Etsy almost exclusively to sell jewelry. Honestly, I don’t put enough effort into my Etsy store for it to be exceptional. The best Etsy stores are like little boutiques – they tend to have more elaborate photography, and provide a bit more of a personal touch. It would take a fair bit of work to set myself up to be a great Etsy seller, and I just don’t have the time to do so. Regardless, I still do well enough on Etsy to make it worthwhile, and I appreciate that their fees are notably lower than eBays.

My gold and silver scrap profits are a bit down of late. I think that’s mostly due to luck – sometimes I won’t find any gold for long stretches of time, and very occasionally (but not recently) I’ll find a whole bunch at once. Also, for gold or silver to enter into this category it has to be mediocre and not worth selling otherwise. For example, while I did find a gold watch earlier this year it made much more sense to sell it on eBay than for scrap. I hope I find a lot of junky gold this year because it’s very easy money!

Otherwise, many thanks to friends and readers who contributed just over 1000$ to my coffers! Rounding out the list is small change, which I trade for something less cumbersome at TD Bank (they have free change machines for customers) and the money I received for the right to use a photo I found in a newspaper article.

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