Recent sales (May 25 – June 7)


1. Christian Dior J’adore (used): On eBay for 30$. It didn’t take long to find a buyer for this! Found in Westmount almost a month ago.


2. Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison (used): On eBay for 50$. Found that same day in Westmount. A couple years ago I would have looked at you pretty funny if you told me that I’d be making decent money selling used perfumes on eBay.

3. Shaving mug and two vintage razors: On eBay for 30$. I’m glad to see this stuff go. I recently added the “best offer” option to help move them out the door. I’ve already received positive feedback. Found mid September in St Henri.


4. Grand Etteilla Egyptian tarot deck: On eBay for 90$. Found in the Plateau last summer, but not mentioned in the blog.

5. Coco Chanel, Guerlain Shalimar perfumes: To a reader for 50$. Found a couple weeks ago in Westmount.


6. Non-working U2 Special Edition iPod: On eBay for 45$. This didn’t take long to sell! Found a month ago in Mount Royal.


7. Cloisonne urn: On eBay for 115$. Found last October in Mount Royal.

8. Unopened pack of 5.25″ floppy disks: On eBay for 22$. I wonder why this person wants these disks… are they for a collection or for use? Found in Mount Royal over a year ago.


9. Five hockey cards from the late 60s: On eBay for 55$. I found them last year in Ville St Laurent but never got around to mentioning them on the blog.

10. Yard sale: 21$. The sale was doomed from the start because I misplaced the key to my storage. However, I was able to sell a few things I happened to have in the car. The foot traffic wasn’t as good as usual either way, likely due to the nearby F1 festival and street fair. A few readers came out, which was nice.

Total: 508$, 9048$ since the new year began. Not a bad figure. Averaging 250$ a week isn’t exciting at this point, but it pays the bills.

New listings

I’ve been pretty productive these past two weeks getting new things up on eBay. The most notable of this batch might be the art deco Asprey catalogue, which I listed for over 2000$. I won’t be surprised if I have to lower that price, but in this business it’s better to aim high than guess low.

1. 14k gold Bechtel pin
2. 1913 Ottawa Champions Canadian League Baseball Photo Postcard
3. Michael Kors "Michael", 70% full
4. Vintage NIB Lacoste Eau de Toilette
5. Vintage NIB Lacoste Original After Shave
6. Guerlain Les Meteorites Powder for the Face, 1982
7. Boss DB-12 Dr. Beat Digital Metronome
8. Vintage Order of the Ahepa secret ritual book
9. 80gb Zune for parts / repair
10. Chanel tortoiseshell sunglasses
11. SAFCO Mercury TN102 low speed Handpiece
12. Metzler Zeiss Umbramatic sunglasses
13. Rare 1930s / Art Deco Asprey Mail Order Catalogue
14. Ipod Nano (Kijiji)