Slow day (and some jewelry from Monday)


I didn’t come up with much today in my explorations of the Plateau’s west-end. I found a few nice hand-crafted bowls and dropped them off with some other tool-stuff at the Give Box. A few of the bowls were taken before I even finished putting things in. One woman was positively excited to find one of the bowls, which was rewarding to see.

Otherwise, I came across some shot glasses in a box in the alley adjacent to St Denis. They’re destined for the Give Box as well.


I sorted through my jewelry last night and this is the stuff I don’t want. Pretty big pile eh?

It still reeks of cigarette smoke but that can be cleaned off (I’m not sure if I’ll do it myself). Some of it’s in good shape and some is busted or missing rocks, but all can be useful for people who make jewelry (especially because they’re vintage).

My plan is to bring them to my friend’s yard sale and try to sell the pieces for bargain bin prices. It’ll probably be near the end of the month – I’ll tell you more when I know it. I’ll bring a few other finds as well.

It looks like I’ll have to find some ammonia to clean the other pieces (the ones I want to try to get a bit more money for). There’s some really nice costume jewelry and a few nice sterling pieces. I tried using dish soap but it wasn’t effective enough; if I’m going to sell any of this stuff on Etsy it’ll have to be perfect.

Speaking of Etsy, I’ve had a nice influx of sales in the last week. All in all it brought in a few hundred dollars, which is awesome. You can see what I sold – and for how much – in the “Things I’ve sold” section. I also added a couple of new giveaways.

Hopefully tomorrow is a bit more exciting!

A time to tarot


Yesterday was even colder and windier than Monday and I didn’t stay out especially long. The only things I brought home (other than that tent from the second-hand post below) were from here.

I stopped for the plastic box. There was a power drill inside and I took it home. It didn’t work – the battery seems to be mostly dead – but I put it on Craigslist and a couple of people emailed me back. Someone’s supposed to come pick it up soon, so that’s good.

tarot cards grand belline

Inside the bags were lots of screws, nails, and other toolsy stuff. There was also this pack of tarot cards. I know nothing of tarot but the cards are really beautifully designed and in fantastic shape. The same deck of cards sold for 56$ on Ebay, but the box is a bit dinged up so it’d likely go for a bit less.

watches and pocketwatch

There were also three watches including a cool pocketwatch. They all need batteries but look fine. I’ll put them up for cheap at a future yard sale.

It’s cool and windy again today so I’ll take this opportunity to poke through my bag of jewelry. I should have a post about my favorite pieces later tonight or tomorrow.

Site news: I created a facebook page for the blog. Type “Things I find in the garbage” into your search and you’ll find it!

I also created a subreddit ( that anyone can use to post pictures of the trash they find. I’m not sure if this will take off (or if it’s the best medium) but the tool is there if you want it.



Yesterday was really windy and it was hard to bike around. I first delivered some trash finds to some friends of mine – a cast iron pan and the lamp from two posts ago – and then set out on my way. As it turns out the journey didn’t last too long. I came across this pile of stuff in an alley in the Mile End.


I stopped because of the picture frames and stayed because of this piece of art. It’s a nice old piece (signed what looks like “St Andre”) – a Canadian winter landscape theme. The paint is cracked but still quite strong; the wind blew it off the ground into a tree without even a chip!

The painting is somewhat stained from cigarette smoke, but the discolouration is consistent so you probably wouldn’t notice (unless you smelled it)


However, the craziest find was in this bag I almost didn’t check. I kicked it and it had an odd feel to it – very heavy but with some give (and little sound). I opened it up and saw this pillowcase.


The pillowcase was full of jewelry! I was excited, clearly, because there’s always money in selling jewelry, and this stuff was definitely old.

I brought it home and looked through it for a few hours, realizing why someone might have thrown it away: it reeks of cigarette smoke. Touching it leaves tobacco tar all over your hands. Some of the pieces were also damaged.

In the end though there are definitely some really nice pieces I could sell on Etsy and the smell of cigarette smoke can more than likely be cleaned off. This stuff is reminiscent of the bag of jewelry that was taken by the police in that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of precious metals (gold and silver). Most of it is vintage costume jewelry.

I have some work on my hands to sort through this stuff and see what is most saleable. If I try to clean it all myself (there are hundreds of individual pieces, including a small bag packed full of small catholic medallions) I’ll probably lose my mind, so I’m thinking I’ll just clean the ones I want and bring the rest to a yard sale my friend is planning on having sometime this month, where I can sell them for cheap with a “you buy it, you clean it” mantra.

I’ll post some pictures of some of the nicer stuff soon!

In other news, I tested that computer from the other day and it works great. I’m going to format it, install Linux/Ubuntu and look into selling it or giving it away. It runs XP, so while it’s not exactly new it’s still quite good for doing basic computing stuff.