Vintage Sprite


Last night I came across this pile of trash on St Urbain near Fairmount. It’s the place where an older Ukrainian woman lived for a long time but passed away. She reputedly never threw anything out, so cleaning out the house was quite the task.

The trash is more renovation related now, but there’s still evidence of the person who lived there for so many years.

vintage sprite bottles full

I found these three unopened Sprite bottles in an original plastic case. I figure they must be from the 1970s. A couple have evaporated a bit but one still looks like it has the original volume. A little shake shows that there may still be a little bit of carbonation in there. I may do a dare with my roommate and try one… not sure about that yet though!


I also found some cool old boxes. The “Megantic” ones were made for the pins in clothespins. One still contains the pins and the other contains the wood part. There’s a box for “Esplanade Paper Clips,” which I figure is a long-extinct company out of Montreal. I also like that old coffee tin.


The tops of a couple of old lamps and some electic thermometer thing. I thought the lamp-tops could be cool for someone’s art project.

Now for some things I found this afternoon.



I came across this pile of stuff. There was a lot of religious paraphernalia.



There was this odd looking machine with this warning about X-rays. Is this a normal warning to find on electronics? I didn’t feel like it was and left it behind, especially since it was missing some parts.


I found a bunch of kitchen stuff. My favorite are the new strainers, which are definitely better than my old plastic ones!


Some candles, a box of sandwich bags (which was unopened), and a soldering tool which seems to work just fine.


This little basket was in one of the bins…


Inside were these two medallions. The back of the one on the left is the same as the front of the right – an Iron Cross with some odd lettering on it. I looked it up and it appears to be a Saint Benedict Medal, which is intended to ward off evil.

The one on the right is odd because it’s sort of rough looking. The back is blank and sort of rounded. It’s either homemade or old, or both. I fantasize about it being hundreds of years old, but it’s more likely that someone just stamped it in their toolshop or something.

Regardless, keep checking back if you want to see more “garbage!”

A computer monitor and garbage gold pt. 2


I biked around last night and saw this trash in front of the “Marketing Waste” building. This time there were more old files in boxes and a big computer monitor laying on top.

dell 2407

It’s a big 24″ flat screen monitor by Dell. It doesn’t turn on, but I’m going to look into trying to fix it. My sister knows a bit about these things so maybe she can help me out. I opened it up and saw a couple of capacitors that look suspect, so replacing those could be the solution.

I found the same model of monitor, which also didn’t turn on, on Ebay and it sold for close to 40$. In working condition it sold for up to 200$. This could be a good opportunity for me to learn some basic repair techniques, which would serve me well in this business I’m in.

Now for more jewelry!


This necklace is marked 750, which means 18k gold.


This necklace is marked as 10k and “M1.” It has two little knots in it that are proving hard to untangle!


These earrings are marked as 10k.

cardinal watch

A “Cardinal” brand watch. It’s probably the kind of thing you’d buy at Sears in the 80s.

quebec flag pin

I little pin emblazoned with the Quebec flag. It was made in Quebec by “Ballou Reg’d”.

monet necklace

This gold-plate chain was made by Monet, a company that’s fairly well-known.

sarah coventry

A cool vintage “Sarah Coventry” (marked Sarah Cov) ring. It’s gold plate.


Finally, a little angel pin made by Olit USA. This one’s definitely a bit more modern.

Now I have to figure out what I’ll do with this stuff!

Garbage gold


I decided yesterday to bike up to Rosemont to sell some scrap gold I found in the trash (including this ring (on the top), a small necklace from this post, and an earring I apparently never put on the blog). They had been in the change pocket of my wallet for a quite a while, so it was about time I got around to doing this. All together I made 45$.

Garbage day in Rosemont is Monday and Thursday mornings. It was around 2 in the afternoon and I figured that the garbage would be long gone. However, I quite accidentally came across a few streets that still hadn’t been collected. I decided to check them out.

Good thing too. In the middle bin of the three furthest from the sidewalk, I found a bunch of jewelry, some of which was gold. There’s at least twice as much (in weight) as I had just sold.


This flashy ring is marked as being 10k. There’s another mark that I can’t quite make out.


These cool earrings are also marked as 10k.


This cross is marked 10k and “TI,” which probably means Titanium.


This is a watch pendant in the shape of a key by Pierre Nicol. It’s covered in pink jewels and looks sort of fancy. It’s a bit odd as I can’t find any other watches like this online.


A vintage Avon cross. I saw someone online trying to sell it for close to 20$, so I’ll likely put it up for 15 or so on Etsy.


I’m not sure if these pieces are gold. They’re not marked, but not all gold is marked. I bit into them and it left a little mark, which is a good sign. There’s also no wear of the gold hue, also a good sign.


More jewelry. None of this is “precious,” but there’s still some decent stuff in here, including a good selection of beads.

There’s more jewelry, but I’ll save that for another post!


I also saved this soup toureen from one of the bins. There’s nothing wrong with it, not even a chip. It was made in Portugal.


On the way home I came across these bins. It’s the same place where I found some cool old stuff (including some jewelry) in this (somewhat disjointed) post from last April. There was a lot of scrap metal – old electronics and a disassembled satellite dish. As I was leaving someone who drives around collecting scrap metal came and picked it up. I’m glad to see it didn’t go to waste.

hebo racing exhaust

In this pile I saw this piece from an exhaust. It has “Hebo Racing” marked on it. Some young guy walked by and told me it was for a scooter, which was later confirmed by Google. I didn’t really catch the rest, but I think he said that it was worth 50$ at least.

I can’t be sure about that, but it does seem to be in decent shape. There’s a couple of dents and some (very) mild surface rust, but it looks good otherwise. I may just put it on Ebay “as is.”

Hopefully I’ll find some more stuff tonight. Either way, expect to see the rest of the jewelry tomorrow!

That’s all for now!