Recent sales (July 20 – August 3)

Midsummer is generally a slow time for online sales. It’s a great time for yard sales though!

1. Yard sale: Many different items for 200$. My first yard sale at the new place was a success. My current plan is to do one every two weeks, alternating locations between my home and storage unit. That way I won’t annoy any of my neighbours too much.


2. Vintage Stafford cat mug: To a reader for 60$. I found it in Rosemont a little over a year ago but never mentioned it on the blog. It’s a cool mug and the set is quite collectable.


3. Mat & Nat vegan change purse: On eBay for 20$. Found February 2015 in Hampstead.


4. 1960s brutalist earrings: On Etsy for 90$. These were part of one of my all time great jewelry hauls. They were made by Guy Vidal, a renown Montreal-based designer. Found March 2015 in NDG.

Total: 370$, 11752.50$ since the new year began. This is one of my lowest bi-weekly totals in quite some time. It’s to be expected however, given the mid-summer lull and the fact that I didn’t list anything new on eBay for about a month. The latter was due mostly to not having the internet, a problem that is now solved – I’ve listed several new items in the last week.

New listings

[Just a reminder! I’m signed up for the eBay Partner Network, which means that I can make money when people click on my eBay links. Specifically, I earn a cut when people buy something (and it doesn’t have to be what I’m selling!) directly after visiting from my blog. I also receive credit when people sign up for new accounts after they click. So, if you’re interested in doing either of those things consider doing so after clicking on one of my blog’s eBay links. I’ve earned around 30$ in the past few months through the program – it’s not big money but it adds up.]

1. EXPIRED 1983 – 5 sealed packs of Polaroid 669 Polacolor ER Land Pack Film (SOLD!)
2. Samsung laptop for parts / repair (SOLD!)
3. Vintage Porsche Design aviator sunglasses
4. Vintage Heirloom Sterling tongs
5. Vintage Martin Wells "Joan" cat eye glasses
6. Hemingray 42 electrical insulator
7. Vintage B&L Ray Ban 12k gold-filled aviators
8. Vintage Pelikan fountain pen case
9. 1949 WISC intelligence test
10. Harricana by Mariouche recycled fur aviator hat
11. Expired 1983: Polaroid 665 Positive/Negative Land Pack Film, B&W, 2 box 16 shots

Jewelry please!


When I’m looking through trash I’m often hoping to find jewelry. It’s simply the most predictable (if irregular) way to quickly make money from trash. I’ve found a few hoards with values north of 1000$, including a collection featuring some great modernist and brutalist pieces, a pillowcase full of vintage jewelry, and a bunch of gold in Rosemont. I also like that jewelry is small and easy to store – a great quality for someone with constant storage space issues.

I came across this huge post-estate sale pile last Thursday night. There was a tonne (maybe literally) of useful stuff that should have been donated. I saved a good number of items but most of it wasn’t compelling enough to bother sharing on the blog.


Most of the best stuff is gone after the sale. I’ve actually had better luck finding things before the sale – family and liquidators sometimes toss treasures in their rush to get organized. Not expecting to find anything in the way of precious antiques I mostly hoped to come across a little cache of jewelry. It just go happens that I did find one, mixed in with the food waste no less.


The collection wasn’t worth nearly as much the ones I listed earlier. However, there were still some nice items that I should be able to flip for a bit of money. The enameled cat brooch at back left is the most unusual piece. It’s marked “silver”, which is a simple stamp I haven’t seen previously. It’s in nice shape, though there is some damage to the enamel. Below it is a (modernist?) silver ring, while to the right of that is a single sterling silver earring. It has a distinctly brutalist design, and I tried hard without any luck to find the second. I otherwise found: two more silver pendants; another single silver earring (which is destined for the scrap pile); a silver Royal Victoria Hospital pin; an old brooch featuring a small portrait of a woman; and a pin for a 1938 Kingston Curling Club bonspiel.


I came across another small collection Monday night in NDG. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as the last but I found a few nice costume jewelry pieces and around 10$ in silver scrap. There were also a bunch of foreign coins in the same bag.


Later that night a spot in Hampstead produced a nice Mexican silver pendant (bottom left). I also found two American dollar bills, a heart-shaped crystal glass dish, a bottle of Givenchy perfume (Amarige), and a pair of Burberry glasses.

It’s been a solid week or so for jewelry! I haven’t found gold for a little while though. I’d like to find some of that, because even junk gold is worth a fair bit when sold for scrap.


One last thing! My Tuesday night run wasn’t as productive as it was last week. However, the house that provided all the DVDs last time …


… did so again this week. These people must have spent over 1000$ on their collection originally. They’re obviously not worth that much anymore but I might be able to get a nice price for them yet. I currently have the collection listed on Kijiji in hopes that I can find a bulk buyer.

Little green


Tuesday night was very busy. I was garbage picking in a fairly wealthy neighbourhood and it seemed like there was always more interesting trash just around the corner.

This pile sat in front of a recently sold house. The residents don’t seem to be putting any effort into redistributing their old stuff; the week before they put out bags and bags full of kids toys (how many do kids need, really?). This time around there was lots more on the curb, including a fine looking hockey net, a scooter, a kids’ bike that needed some work, and a Danby portable air conditioner. I didn’t take much, partly due to lack of space in the car and partly because I need to maintain my sanity. In retrospect though I wish I took that air conditioner, which you can see next to the bins on the right.


In the back were two cases full of a drink called Vemma. I left them behind because they expired in 2014 and also because I mistakenly read the name as Vomma, which doesn’t sound appetizing at all. I looked at the company website, curious as to what the drinks were and how much they would have cost. The website felt a little weird and I got a little suspicious. I did some more research and sure enough many experts consider Vemma to be a pyramid scheme. All this product would have cost well over 100$, and it’s really not any better than your average (and much cheaper) multivitamin. This person, like many others before them likely found out the hard way that unloading this overpriced drink is more difficult that it seems.


The one thing I did take home from this pile was a Bissell Little Green steam cleaner. It works great and looks like it’s been used only once or twice. These sell for over 100$ on eBay, though I’ll likely keep it myself as it’s a useful thing to have around the house.


This spot provided a few more nice finds. The bag was full of miscellaneous camera accessories, none of which looked to be particularly valuable. I brought it home just in case I missed something valuable – a nice camera lens can be worth big bucks – but I ended up just leaving it on the curb in front of my house. It didn’t last long out there, and hopefully found a good home.


Inside one of the bags was a cool aviator hat. It was made by Harricana par Mariouche, a Montreal-based fashion design company that uses only recycled furs. I’ve actually driven by the headquarters on several occasions (at St. Antoine / Atwater if you’re curious) but had no idea what it was.


The hat appears to be totally unused. Maybe it was an unwanted gift or something. New aviator hats seem to go for close to 300$ while used ones on eBay are going for a little over a hundred. I listed mine for around the going rate, though I don’t expect it’ll sell until the weather starts to cool.

On a related note it looks like I can trade in old furs for Harricana par Mariouche gift certificates. I’ll keep that in mind next time I come across some well-worn furs. Readers from Montreal might want to consider this as well.


Otherwise, I found a little portable radio (which I ended up giving to a friend); …


… a working Voigtlander Perkeo slide projector in its original case (not pictured);


… and five packs of Polaroid film that expired in 1983. I should be able to get decent money for these. I listed the three packs of Polaroid 669 film for 70$ with free shipping, while the two packs of 665 I put up for 160$. That may seem high, but the 665 film has been discontinued and is apparently very desirable for some photographers. My price is in line with the cost of newer film of the same type. The market may prefer newer film but I won’t know for sure unless I try for that higher price. The going rate for the 669 film is much more clear cut, and I expect it to go for my asking price.


I was just about to go home when I came across another big pile in front of a recently sold home.


There were two bags just stuffed with DVDs, the vast majority of which are in excellent condition. These people apparently loved Entourage, the Sopranos, Melrose Place, and UFC fighting, the latter two of which are strange bedfellows. I imagine this collection would easily have cost upwards of 500$. I should be able to sell these DVDs for decent money at my yard sales.


I also found a bunch of wires, cables, adapters, and electronics, including a modem and a router. I hear there’s a place in Park Ex that buys this kind of stuff – I may go there and see what they offer me. Some items will definitely end up on eBay though, like that remote in the middle that belongs to an Apple TV.

I have a good feeling about this week! I’ll keep you posted as usual.