1000+ never used balloons


I went out yesterday evening to check out the Plateau. There wasn’t too much of interest outside of these bags on Chambord, in front of the same place where I found a couple of neat vintage things on Friday. The bags were loaded with heavy old tools.


I also found an old cigar box (in rough shape, unfortunately) that contained four pairs of old glasses. The lenses are in bad shape but the frames are quite nice. The mark of “AO” (American Optical) is printed on a few of them and two are gold-filled. I can probably sell these as a lot online for around 50$, maybe a bit more – I’ve done it before with some old frames I found. However, there’s a vintage eyeglasses stores not far from where I live so I might take them in there to see if they’ll make an offer.


This odd religious thing was in the box as well. It looks to be a missing piece of something else. It’s marked as being made in France. Any ideas as to what it might be from?


Here’s some bric-a-brac I found among the tools. The pin in the back features a dragon curved around some green plastic, which is kind of cool. The keys have some cool designs on them, though the pictures doesn’t really do much for the details. The tins are full of razors blades and with a little cleaning will be quite yard saleable. There’s also a hole punch, but instead of a simple hole it punches an arrow. Maybe that’s not too exciting but I’ve never seen anything like it before!

I brought home some other nondescript tools that looked to still be useful and left them outside for others to rummage through.


I also saved this old jar. It’s probably worth 50 cents at a yard sale!


I slept in a little this morning but made it out in time for a run through TMR. My bike tire was flat when I got up but when I filled it up it held air, which is pretty lucky. The tire must have a slow leak.

I like this TMR route a lot. The air is fresh, there’s lots of trees, and the streets are quiet and wide (even if they twist around like a maze). Pretty relaxing, despite the fact that the locals are a bit more reticent about trash pickers like me.

I feel like the neighbourhood has a lot of potential. People have a lot more space in their bigger homes to store stuff they never use, that’s for sure. They also have enough money to buy new things. I think next time I go I’ll bring my bike trailer.

This pile contained the most notable finds.



I saved some perfectly good knick-knacks and ceramics. The thing on the bottom right is a bell, and on the bottom level is a brass donkey candle holder. I thought the pair of ceramic dogs were pretty cool.

The thumbnail is the makers mark on the dogs – it says 1895 but I imagine that would be the date the company was founded. I’d guess they’re from China as there’s also some (probably, definitely not an expert here) Chinese script on the bottom.


This find was a bit more fun, though. It’s a bunch of unopened packages of balloons. They seem to have been made to promote a band called “The Peaks” – I also found two boxes full of their CDs (of which I took one). In the foreground, as well, is one massive “cloudbuster” balloon which would probably inflate to about the height of your average human. Pretty cool! They seem to be made of a thick plastic, making me their they are fairly high quality. It’s a shame to throw out good balloons, I think there’s at least a thousand!


Here’s another piece from Monday’s collection of jewelry. It’s a old silver bracelet engraved with a nice, simple pattern. The silver marks (below) are pictorial which is typical of British silver (maybe other countries too, but Britain for sure). There’s also a light etching in the first picture that I didn’t notice at first too. It’s a pretty beautiful piece that, with a bit of cleaning, will looks great and make me some decent money.



That’s all for now. It’s a nice warm sunny day, the first in a while. I think I’ll celebrate with a walk. It’s recycle day in Outremont, maybe I’ll find something good while out on a casual stroll.

Mr Fuji


I got up early and went out to Villeray and Park Ex. I came across this pile in front of a commercial space by Highway 40 on des Belges.


Most of what I found was junk, but I did pull out a nice old ceiling lamp. The wiring needs work, but I think this would clean up pretty nice. Might it be from the Art Deco era?

While out in Park Ex I came across an abandoned house which is slated to be demolished. The back door was unlocked so I looked around and took some photos. If interested check them out here! It, surprisingly, looks mostly untouched by intruders – most abandoned buildings in cities (especially unlocked ones) are heavily tagged and graffitied.


Most interesting though was this pile near St Denis and Mont-Royal. In this case I know for sure that the original owner passed away. I googled a name I found amongst the trash and discovered some online eulogies. I won’t reveal the name in respect of the privacy of the family but from the sounds of it he was a pretty good person.


This is a 1986 “Mr Fuji” WWF wrestling toy. I never really watched wrestling as a kid but I appreciate this toy. I may keep it as a decoration for my room, if not I’ll put it in a yard sale.


A few buttons, some of which (if not all) relate to Irish republicanism. Kieran Doherty was one of the hunger strikers that died in prison after having not eaten for 73 days. The Birmingham Six were men convicted of bombing a pub in England and later released on appeal due to a lack of real evidence.

Finding these things makes me want to do some reading on the history of the conflict in Ireland. I have some Irish roots so there is some personal significance as well.



Inside the bags was a good amount of jewelry. Much of it is costume jewelry but there’s also a good amount of silver. All of it is quite beautiful. Above is a nice pair of enameled unicorn earrings, below are a pair of cool silver earrings. They’re pretty tarnished but they should clean up nicely. I’ll show you more of the jewelry in a future post. Apparently the man’s wife passed away several years ago, I assume these would have belonged to her.



Last, for now, is this little cardboard box containing a couple hollow plastic dolls. They were apparently a souvenir from a wedding back in the day, but there are a couple of words I can’t make out (partly because of the handwriting and partly because of the French). If anyone can translate the message let us know what it says! The “Les Cedres” (The Cedars) part is a town South of Montreal, that I know.

I’ll show you some more pictures of the jewelry in the coming days. I’m going to head to the Plateau this evening and also plan on exploring the mostly-novel Town of Mount Royal tomorrow morning.

Great Sight


It was a fairly quiet week garbage-wise, outside of my good haul on Monday (of which I still have to take some pictures). I did find some cool stuff, but never enough in a single spot or day to justify a post.

I found these things on Thursday in Rosemont. The two old tins were made to hold toffee by George W Horner Co of England. They were likely made in the 1930s or 1940s. Some of these tins are worth good money, though these designs seem to be relatively common and are probably worth a little less, maybe in the 10-15$ range.

The creamer is marked as being made in Austria and features an image of a woman struggling to carry water in some agricultural setting of yesteryear. It’s definitely fairly old as well.

Side note: my camera is up and running again, having found a charger for my batteries. You can really tell the difference in quality between this and my camera phone, especially when you zoom in!


Yesterday I found a few things on Chambord near Gilford in the Plateau. Here’s another nice old tin (this one by Shipley in England) and a “White Owl” cigar box.



I always like an old box. This one is for a “telin-dex”, which is basically a high-tech address book. I like its minimal graphic design and drawings. I found it in the same pile on Chambord – it looks like someone might have been cleaning out a basement.


Finally, I found this Magna Sight grain focuser (a tool used in darkrooms) Thursday evening. It was in among some bags that were contained some musty, damp stuff that probably came out of a basement. The Magna Sight’s original box had completely fallen apart from the moisture but the focuser itself was fine. These sell for around 15$ on Ebay, but I think I’ll just cut someone a deal for it at a yard sale.

I’ve made some good finds recently in Outremont, a fairly wealthy neighbourhood that contains many single-family homes. In the past I’ve preferred exploring areas with a higher population density, but I’m now warming up to the idea of exploring these less dense “arrondissements.” My new place in the Mile End is significantly closer to the Town of Mount-Royal (TMR) which has a weekly trash pickup on Wednesday mornings. I don’t have any runs scheduled for Wednesdays and I’m excited to get out there and see what I can find.