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The things I’ve given away

Note: this page is now obsolete. Back in the day, I found less stuff and so was able to devote more time to these giveaways. I now give things away by leaving it on the curb where other people can find it, which is easier and much less time consuming.  I leave this page up as a testament to the kind of stuff you can find a taker for if you put it on the Craigslist free section (and other similar websites). These are still valuable tools if you’re looking to declutter or minimize your possessions.


Here’s a (partial) list of the trash that I’ve given away. It doesn’t include things I’ve put into the “Give Boxes” found around Montreal.

Captions in quotations are the titles of posts on the Craigslist “free” section.

Here goes, starting with the most recent: (Last updated: March 17 2013).

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