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Pass-pour pt.1

I happened upon this pile about a couple months ago. It was pretty great, but unfortunately I haven’t seen anything there since.

I saved a lot of “smalls” here (I don’t know if that’s a term many people use, but I heard someone in the estate sale business use it to describe masses of small items). I love smalls, because they’re fun to look at and don’t take up much space. Also, they can be worth good money, if they’re made of gold for instance.

Here we have a bus ticket, a TTC token, a brass button, a brass link of some kind, a nice compass (though it might be broken), and lots of other stuff. That “distance and speed tables for shippers” book is pretty cool, it shows the number of nautical miles between different cities by boat.

I don’t remember seeing a date inside, but I’d guess it’s from the early 1900s.

Here’s some brushes, tins, and a first aid kit made as a promotion for the Maine Lions club.

I found several cell phones here, all of which were at least 10 years. That protractor / parallel rule is old and neat, as is that little brass footed box. I’m not sure what it was made to do. The box has a mark on the bottom but I haven’t been able to decipher it.

Old notebooks and organizers like the one at top left do pretty well at my yard sales. The black box is made of Bakelite and was probably made to store sewing accessories. Otherwise, we have a sealed vintage bottle of Antartic (Yves Rocher) aftershave and a pill bottle with teeth inside. They’re gross, but make for an interesting photo.

That “Qebec Passport (Pass-Pour)” is a 1970s parody of the separatist movement. Someone else took pictures of the inside, which you can see here. The Zippo was made for Ayers Felts, a local company that made wool blankets as well as felts for pulp & paper (though I’m not sure what that actually means). Those Air Canada wings are plastic. I think the pilots in those days had metal wings, so the plastic ones must have gone to someone a little less prestigious.

Here we have some tobacco pipes, a few miniature colognes, a nice cigarette case, and a couple basic but quality pens.

This printing paper wasn’t an exciting find, but it was useful. It means I won’t have to buy any for a while!

Soon I’ll share part two, which will feature some of my best finds from this spot.


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