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Grumpy gus pt.2

This wooden trinket box, which was probably made in India, contained the minor treasures of a Gen X kid. I can’t confirm that, of course, but that’s the story that makes the most sense in my head.

That tiny serving set up top was made from sterling silver in Mexico. The white (porcelain?) figurine of the boy and the frog is also interesting.

It looks pretty old. It’s marked P 92 on the underside, and there’s a blue stain that could be a maker’s mark (it kind of looks like a sea creature to me, if you look at it counter-clockwise). I also spotted a couple faint letters (I think “CG” – I’m pretty confident in the G but not the C) on the back. I still don’t know much about ceramics / porcelain, so please let us know if you can fill in some blanks!

That enameled copper dish is my favourite piece here. Again, I haven’t seen anything quite like it before, and the green in particular is very striking. The wooden box on the left is marked “handmalerei” (German for hand-painted). That picture frame is very old and cute, as is the Cyma clock.

Here’s an unusual bowl. The clay is a pretty dark brown, and the image features two guys in green uniforms brandishing swords at each other. It’s also signed, as you can see below. I’d love to know more about it! I’m guessing it’s European, as a lot of the older stuff here seems to have come from the old world.

I picked up a few very old frames here. I may sound like a broken record today, but I haven’t seen any quite like the ones on the left before.

Here’s the back of the frame on the far left. I don’t know what most of these scribbles mean, other than the name “Louise.”

Another nice frame, about 10″ tall. Could anyone date the dress of the people in the photo?

I’m pretty sure the case of this magnifying glass is made from tortoiseshell. There’s a little crack around the lens, but I think that could be fixed pretty easily. The inside is lined with red velvet.

Let’s finish with this stuff (which includes a couple repeats, oops). At the bottom right is a bone and 835 silver cigarette holder. Above that is a very nice straight razor. The handle appears to the tortoiseshell, and the blade itself is stamped with a crown. Finally, at bottom right we have a beautiful Mabie Todd “Swan” fountain pen. It has a 14k gold nib, a cool snakeskin-like design, and was made in England, probably in the 1930s. Similar pens are doing pretty well on eBay.

So, all in all this was a pretty good haul! There’s still a lot to learn about these items, however, so it’s yet to be determined how much money I can make here.


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