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Watch out for those boxes!

The past month hasn’t provided many “omg” finds, but I still pick up good stuff even when my luck isn’t great. Here’s a nice collection of bird figurines I found at the bottom of a bag a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t as big or owl-y as my haul from late last year, but there’s still some nice ones here. Remarkable only one was broken (the wooden bird at far right), but I have the piece and it should be easy to fix.

I haven’t done much research on these yet but I suspect the ones in the back are the fanciest. I think they were made in Mexico, and there’s some writing on them that I have to decipher.

I found this .999 fine silver keychain fob from 1991 at another spot. It’s only worth around 20$, but it’s always fun finding bullion in the trash. This is the second silver keychain I’ve found this year, here’s hoping a solid gold keychain is next!

Another run was salvaged when I found two watch boxes in excellent condition. Generally speaking the more expensive the watch the more expensive the box – I expect this green Rolex box to sell for about 100$, while the IWC below should sell for closer to 150$.

I’ve made a fair bit of cash from watch boxes (and occasionally other vintage cases) these past few years. The most valuable to date were the pair of Universal Genèves I sold for 450$ a couple years back. Needless to say they’re something to keep a lookout for, and knowing of niche markets like these helps make garbage picking a reasonably profitable venture.

Still, I hope my luck improves in the near future. Some gold would be nice – it’s now valued at over 2000 CAD per ounce, which is about as high as it’s ever been.


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