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Questionable judgment pt.3

I’ve been sitting on these pictures for about six months now… it’s time to post them or get off the pot! As explained in previous posts these folks had legendarily poor garbage-related judgment, especially in regards to tossing precious metals. Anyways, I found a collection of cufflinks and other jewelry bits one evening.

A number of them were stored in this jewelry box.

Luckily for me a bunch of them turned out to be gold! I could have made more money selling them as they were, but at one point I needed some cash to fix my car and had to sell them for scrap. So it goes – that would have been more of a hassle anyways. The cufflinks ended up netting me several hundred dollars (how much exactly I forget), enough to pay for most of the repair.

You might be wondering what this thing is (as it’s definitely not a cufflink). It’s a custom kinetic ring of some kind – the stone ball on top has the ability to rotate. There’s an 18k hallmark on the inside but no other impressions that would help identify the maker. Just so you know, I didn’t melt this piece because it was so unusual, and the rest of the gold covered the cost of my car repair anyways.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it, so please let me know if you have! Regardless, it’s worth a fair bit of money for the gold alone. The piece weighs about 25g, and if we assume that about half of that is gold it’d be worth around 500$ just for scrap.

There were plenty of other cufflinks. A couple of these turned out to be gold as well, though most were gold-filled or made of some other type of metal. Quality yard sale stuff anyways.

These ones were silver. Unfortunately, they were either in poor condition or missing their match.

This Danish modernist cufflink was worth selling on its own, however. It was designed by Rey Urban and should go for around 40-50$.

Otherwise, I found another nice piece of art. This one has a couple of dings in the middle but is in nice condition otherwise.

It’s signed but I can’t make out what it says. Any ideas? Zoom in for a closer look!

Here’s another piece with a signature that’s hard to decipher. This little sculpture measures only around two inches long and seems to be made of brass or another golden metal. It quite well done, if only from my amateur perspective.

Here’s the signature. It looks like it ends in “rth” but beyond that I have no idea.

The stone bear on the left is part of a 90s charity golf tournament trophy. It also “bears” an unknown signature which you can see below. The elephant is made of stone, but is unfortunately missing its tusks.

I found plenty of other quality junk here but I think it’s time to move on to more recent trash. There will be a part four however, featuring a couple of pieces I only recently discovered were valuable.

You might have noticed that I changed the look of the blog. I liked the old theme, but apparently this one is more mobile friendly. I think it looks good as well, but what do you think?

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