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Recent sales: March

1. Vintage Revlon compact: On eBay for 30$. I had this listing up for about a year and a half – I was glad to see it hit the road. Found in TMR.

2. Archos 605 portable media player: On eBay for 80$. I found this while taking a walk in Outremont last month. I was surprised to see that there was a solid market for them – the technology, particularly the user interface felt ancient. Maybe there’s some hidden appeal I don’t understand. Either way, it was a nice sale.

3. Sony Walkman NWZ-S544 8gb: On eBay for 80$. This digital Sony Walkman also exceeded my original expectations. Found in Outremont.

4. Montblanc pen box: On eBay for 30$. This seems to be the going rate for a generic / modern Montblanc pen box.

5. Sony CD Walkman D-NE240: On eBay for 40$. Found in Outremont.

6. Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Green Cologne: On eBay for 115$. I really liked this scent and was a little sad to see it go. However, I need the money more than I need to smell like a pine tree. Maybe I’ll find another some day. Found near Vendome metro.

7. Vintage Shell portable file holder: On eBay for 30$. I was hoping this would be worth more but 30$ is better than nothing. Found in the Mile End.

8. Antique Chinese export silver panel bracelet: On eBay for 300$. Part of that great collection of jewelry I found last fall in Westmount.

9. Anime DVD: On eBay for 10$. Only a few left…

10. Collection of 1960s Corvette convertible slides: On eBay for 20$. I figured someone would have interest in this Corvette photoshoot. There were around 20 slides in all. Found in Outremont.

11. Logitech A-00007 Clearchat Wireless Headset USB Receiver Dongle: On eBay for 30$. Just goes to show that there’s good money in doohickeys.

12. 10k gold cross pendant: On eBay for 60$. Found in Rosemont.

13. Apple iPod Nano 1st Generation: On eBay for 50$. I was surprised that these were still selling for around 50$, so I listed both the ones I had sitting around.

14. Apple iPod Nano 1st Generation #2: On eBay for 45$. This one was a bit cheaper because there was an engraving on the back. Found in Westmount.

15. iPod Classic, 160gb (for parts / repair: cracked screen): On eBay for 61$. Found in Hampstead.

16. Cute vintage charm bracelet: On eBay for 20$. Found near Square St Louis.

17. Gucci watch box: On eBay for 38$.

18. Marx tin train carriage: On eBay for 20$.

19. Silver curb chain necklace: On eBay for 35$.

20. Cyma watch: On eBay for 20$. This one’s definitely a bit of a project. Found in Rosemont.

21. 1936 Little Orphan Annie decoder pin: On eBay for 25$. Found in Westmount.

22. Vintage 1970s US military recruitment posters: On eBay for 48$. The buyer ordered my only copy of this poster, as well as one of the twenty I have of another. Found in Outremont.

23. Wee Forest Folk trick or treater figurine: On eBay for 35$. I was wondering if my Wee Forest Folks would ever sell. Found in Westmount.

24. Claiborne sunglasses: On eBay for 20$.

25. Sony Bloggie camera: On eBay for 40$. Found in Westmount.

26. Apple A1468 Lightning to 30-Pin Adapter: On eBay for 10$. Apple doohickeys always do well. I also love things I can easily ship out via lettermail.

27. 1960s PC Party convention letters, signatures: On eBay for 80$. These letters were signed by some of the more notable Canadian conservative politicians of the time. The fellow who received them was a delegate and the letters were an attempt to gain his support. However, none of these particular candidates (including Duff Roblin, Davie Fulton, and George Hees) won – Robert Stanfield received that honor, though he never became Prime Minister. Found in Cote-des-Neiges.

28. Rodenstock aviator glasses: On eBay for 40$. Found in NDG.

29. Schiit Magni 2 headphone amp: On eBay for 45$. I didn’t have the cord and didn’t feel like testing it so I sold it “as is.” I’m happy with the price and the quick sale. Found in Hampstead.

30. Parker 51 fountain pen, gold filled cap: On eBay for 80$. One buyer bought both my 51s. This one was in nice shape outside of that small dent in the gold-filled cap.

31. Parker 51 fountain pen, steel cap: On eBay for 55$. This one’s cap had a bit of surface wear. Plus, I think the gold-filled caps are a bit more collectible. Regardless, I love finding 51s – they seem to be worth an easy 50-100$.

32. Parker 75 gold nib + box + extra part: On eBay for 60$. Parker 75s are popular as well. Found in the Plateau.

33. Vintage Irving Oil credit card: On eBay for 25$. More Petroliana. I photoshopped out the name in case you’re wondering where it is. Found in Outremont.

34. Chinese export silver & enamel bib necklace: On eBay for 200$. Another nice piece from that Westmount collection.

35. Silhouette M 7138 glasses: On eBay for 90$. I find a lot of nice Silhouette frames – they typically sell for a good price.

36. Perfumes: To a reader for 100$. The deal included the Prada and Annick Goutal from this haul, as well as a bunch of others that I found over the winter.

37. Vintage melamine table: On Kijiji for 50$. I loved this table (yellow is my favourite colour) but there wasn’t any room for it in my current apartment. Found in Glenmount.

38. Vintage sled: On Kijiji for 35$.

39. Vintage windows: On Kijiji for 70$. I didn’t sell these two specifically, but they were of a similar vintage. I started collecting old windows relatively recently, after I realized they had value to crafty folks and interior designers.

Total: 2222$, 6307.50$ so far in 2018.

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