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Last week was reasonably productive. A house on my Monday night run provided several wall decorations including four framed antique postcards and photos, two Bradford Exchange clocks, an Irish family coat of arms, and one of those glass things that look nice in windows. As you can probably tell I’m not sure what to call that last piece (which you can see at top right), so if you know what words to use to describe it let me know in the comments! I figure the clocks and the coat of arms might be worth listing on eBay, though I expect they’ll take a while to sell.

I also found a little silver skewer (or toothpick?) with a cute dog on top. I always enjoy finding odd bits of silver! There are two hallmarks around the bottom – one is a five pointed star while the other is illegible, at least to me.

Later that night I saved an Egyptian themed 1962 Northmount High School yearbook as well as a Birth Control Handbook that was published by McGill University’s Student Society in the late 60s. There’s actually an interesting article about the latter on Atlas Obscura. Abortion was still illegal at the time, as was disseminating this kind of distinctly pro-choice information. This handbook was apparently one of the first of its kind, and over three million of the various editions were printed and distributed to schools in Canada and the United States.

In the same pile were a batch of Fortran coding forms. I don’t know anything about Fortran except that it had to do with old computers. If you ever used such a thing please share your Fortran related stories in the comments!

On Tuesday night I found a small collection of necklaces. I’m not sure what the beads are made of but the top three are quite heavy. As well, the necklace at top left has a 14k gold clasp. My most profitable find though might be the two small bits at the top – I’m not sure what they are, but the bottom sections are marked as 18k gold and are pretty hefty for their size. I suspect they’re worth about 80$ for scrap.

Our old racist friend also threw out more stuff last week. I now have a lot more far-right ephemera, including some from Belgium (Parti des Nouvelles Forces and Agir) as well as many more issues of Le Flambeau.

I’ll leave much of it to the imagination, though I will share this flyer printed by a guy named José Steppe (a candidate for Agir) in the mid 90s. It’s not particularly effective from a graphic design standpoint, and the huge block of text (see below) seriously affects my will to read it. However, from what I gather Steppe was no fan of the mafia or freemasonry.

Curiously, when I researched (ie: googled) Steppe I mostly found people positing that he and many others was killed because they knew too much about Marc Dutroux, the notorious Belgian serial killer. Apparently the case was a big deal over there and many thought there was some kind of cover up involved. I had never heard this Dutroux guy previously, which is probably a good thing.

If you feel like reading more of Steppe’s ramblings check out the other side of the flyer below. Also, if you happen to have any expertise in Belgian politics maybe you can tell me who the strange little Hitler in the drawing above is supposed to be.

That place also provided more UFO literature and an issue of La Nation from 1966. The latter was printed by the Ralliement National, a right wing Quebec Separatist party that existed from 1966 to 1968. It later merged with René Lévesque’s Mouvement Souveraineté-Association to form the Parti Quebecois.

Otherwise, my bike rides were again reasonably productive. I found two more working iPods on the curb in the Plateau, including one 80gb iPod Classic that should sell for around 80$. That makes five iPods in the last few months! It’s worth noting that I found every one of those five in the Plateau or Mile End. It’s probably somewhat of a coincidence, though I imagine the younger demographic living here has something to do with it.

I had a productive pretty run last night and you’ll hear about it sometime next week. However, I think for the next little while I’m going to make eBay a priority. I want to make sure I get as much as possible listed in time for the holiday season! That doesn’t mean I won’t post, I just probably won’t be quite as thorough.

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