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Miscellaneous finds from weeks past


Here’s some assorted finds from the last few weeks! A bag in Cote St-Luc produced a small coin collection, an old Romanian bill, and some other doodads. I also found a light meter, but this light meter collector (who seems to know their stuff) described it as “junk.” Apparently Sekonic made some good meters, but this is not one of them.

The oldest coin was a beat up 1905 Canadian silver quarter. I added it to my scrap collection, which I recently exchanged for a nice payday.

In NDG I found a neat photocopied drawing, titled “The Monetary Maze,” which looks to extol the virtues of unfettered free-market capitalism. According to the artist, economic management of any kind causes inflation, hurts economic growth, and “will ultimately seal the death warrant of all other freedoms as well.” I disagree entirely with the premise, but the maze itself is pretty well drawn and the idea behind it is interesting. The paper was a bit too large for my scanner, so the title as well as a hand-drawn heart below the initials “FRO” are cut out of the picture.

This note was once stapled to the front of the drawing.

I came across this cool “Cirque du Soleil” watch in Outremont. It has a distinctive look, owing to the fact that the clock arms have been replaced with colorful hoops. I found it new in its original wooden box, which was still sealed in plastic. I replaced the battery and now it works great, though I’ll have to find someone to press the back on again. One just like it sold on eBay for 130$, and I expect mine to go for a bit more.

Otherwise, I saved two 1978 tax guides in Montreal West (love the graphic design!);

… an antique metronome (TMR);

… a roughly half-pack of Viscount cigarettes, on the back of which is written the date June 12, 1978 (Montreal West);

… a cool chalkware wall hanging (CSL);

… a well-used vintage cast iron dutch oven (Point St-Charles);

… an old cheque for the grand sum of 1000$ (or, as written here, “ten hundred” – NDG);

… this figurine, which I actually found on my birthday (CSL);

… and what looks to be a stuffed baby crocodile (TMR). The skin looks pretty real, as do the teeth. It’s sewn up the bottom, and looks to have been filled with some type of straw. I’ve certainly never seen anything quite like it before, and I wouldn’t mind if I never saw anything like it again!

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