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Privilege pt.3 (and more miscellaneous finds)


The finds at the “privilege” spot began to dry up after I came across that iPad, but I still managed a few nice gets.

I found a Tilley hat that looks to have never been worn. These hats are made in Canada (a rarity these days) and are considered “legendary” by many. I remember my dad having a very similar hat at some point. They look to sell for around 40-50$ used.

Here’s another like-new hat. This one went into my yard sale box.

I expect this hardly used Marc Jacobs purse will go for a tidy sum on eBay.

Here’s some random stuff, including a bike repair tool (never opened), a bluetooth speaker (which I sold recently for 27$), and a tiny camera made to fit on your keychain.

There were a few flower pots, one of which nicely matched one of my plants.

I also found a cool Fossil watch. It needed a battery, but I switched it out and now it works like new. It’s a nice design, and again looks to have been barely used. I listed it on eBay for 110$ + shipping.

The house now has a huge dumpster out front. The new owners are doing some renovations. That’s a common cycle actually, to the point where I now perceive the presence of a dumpster to be a missed opportunity. When I see them I always wonder if I could have found some great garbage there in the weeks and months prior, when perhaps the previous owner was getting ready to move or was clearing out the house. Either way, I can’t worry too much about that kind of stuff, as it’s clear I find more than enough garbage as it is!

I’ve made some other decent finds in the past few weeks, including a handful of change in the Plateau; …

… a cool vintage Victor “His Master’s Voice” belt buckle (Plateau);

… a debit machine, which is unfortunately missing a part of its power adapter (though this might be easily replaced – TMR);

… a gold-toned hammer of some kind (TMR);

… some coins, old bills, and other stuff (TMR);

… a nice kid’s tea set (TMR);

… more foreign coins and bills (TMR);

… an “Oh! Canada” board game / educational kit, which was distributed for free to Canadians in the 1970s by Trudeau appointee Keith Spicer in an attempt to promote bilingualism (Montreal West);

… an unusual, and probably hand made electronic device of some kind (any ideas as to what it was made to do? – Plateau);

… a camera / gimbal for a drone, which while likely broken still sold recently for a nice sum (TMR);

… and a few small boxes of printing blocks (Montreal West). These things are actually pretty cool. Many are solid and brass, and altogether they are very heavy. I think most were made between the 60s and 80s. I don’t expect they’re worth selling on eBay (particularly given the cost to ship a package that heavy) but I think they’ll be a hit at a future yard sale!

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