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Recent sales (September 28 to October 11)

September was a pretty crappy month for sales overall, but things really picked up once the calendar turned to October. I made nearly a thousand overall, my best total in quite some time. I feel a bit more optimistic that I can meet my 20k goal now, especially with the holidays approaching.

I plan on doing a yard sale this weekend. Depending on the weather it could be the last of the season so come on out! It’ll be at 5051 Brebeuf, and I’ll be out there from around 11-5pm.

Now, to the sales:

1. iPhone 4S: On Kijiji for 70$. The screen was cracked but the phone otherwise worked fine. Found in the Plateau earlier this year.

2. Voigtlander slide projector: On Kijiji for 50$. Found a little over a month ago in Mount Royal.

3. Yard sales: 283.50$ (192.25$ + 91.25$). It was nice to get a couple decent sales in.

4. Vintage can camera: On eBay for 30$. This sold within a day of being listed. Found August 2015 in Hampstead.

5. Polaroid film, expired 1983: On eBay for 50$. This listing was for the two on the far left – I already sold on the ones on the right for 60$. Not bad for old film! Found with the slide projector in Mount Royal.

6. Spica transistor radio: On eBay for 65$. Another quick seller! Found a few weeks ago in Hampstead.

7. George Orwell’s Animal Farm, early Polish edition: On eBay for 150$. A nice haul for a cool book! It was printed in 1947 by the League of Poles Abroad in London. The binding is very basic and economical, intended for distribution to a country devastated by the Second World War. It was in remarkable shape considering its age and materials used, not to mention the fact that it was tossed in a recycling bin. Found June 2015 in Mount Royal.

8. Nova Eborac colonial coin, dated 1787: On eBay for 286$. This was one of many cool old coins I found at a strange spot in Verdun. The coins were casually tossed in a black bag along with some food waste (“normal” garbage) and a few ripped up photographs. Makes me wonder if someone was going through a divorce and tossed them out of spite.

I listed the coin only recently. I had plans on getting it authenticated, but in the end I just decided to list is as it was. I had some nice close-up shots, which I figured would be enough for most collectors. It ended up selling for a bit more than I expected, so I guess it all worked out! Found back in November of 2014.

Total: 984.50$, 15241.25$ since the new year began.

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