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Raccoon City


The past two weeks have been relatively slow, outside of some great stuff I found two Tuesdays ago that I’ll share soon in a separate post. In the meantime here are some miscellaneous finds from that time span.

I found a family of raccoons feasting on garbage near Westmount (there were actually four, but one left before I was able to snap a photo); …

… a beautiful hand made nativity scene that was likely made in the 1950s (Plateau);

… a whole bunch of 1960s and 1970s colouring books, including two of Expo 67, two of the Montreal Expos baseball team, and one featuring the 1969 moon landing (Mount Royal);

… a collection of vintage Post cereal hockey game pieces, which I put up for sale in an eBay auction (from the same spot in Mount Royal);

… a fake Rolex, baby care timer, and portable cell phone charger (all working), as well as some nice Tiffany boxes that are good for shipping (Hampstead);

… a vintage transistor radio (Hampstead, in a surprising resurgence of what I thought to be an extinct spot);

… a collection of nice compacts (from the same spot in Hampstead);

… a bunch of Canadian Tire money, which was clipped together and added up for my convenience (Mount Royal);

… and a huge collection (three garbage bags full) of anime DVDs, which I found while walking around with my sister in the Plateau. I’ll likely try to sell these as three large lots on eBay.

Otherwise, I’ve been pretty busy with eBay listing, some of which have paid immediate benefits. I’ll show you what sold on my next sales summary post. I was also able to hold two decently successful yard sales this weekend. My finances are a little less dire, and I’m a bit more optimistic that I can reach 20k for the year.

Also, thanks again to all those who donated to the blog recently! In the interest of transparency I have now received 122$ since adding the donate widget around six months ago. I appreciate the help – the blog is more or less a non-profit project. These contributions help pay for related expenses while making the time spent on it more valuable in a tangible way.

Oh, and I’ve gotten a lot of hits from a Facebook link in the last few days. If anyone knows who shared my blog let me know! I’m always curious to see where my hits are coming from.

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