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I came across this stuff in Montreal West a couple months ago. I had hopes that the spot would start producing good trash on a regular basis but I’ve seen nothing on curb in my many subsequent trips to the neighbourhood.

There was a fair bit of neat old stuff. I saved a somewhat busted sewing box full of useful supplies. Not much was worth the effort of selling, so I left the box on the curb for someone else to find.

I kept a few things, including a few vintage packs of needles.

There was also a little medal from the 1959 opening of the St Lawrence Seaway. Apparently the Queen was here for that! Also in attendance was Dwight Eisenhower, President of the United States from 1953-1961. Interesting fact: Eisonhower was the last US President to be born in the 19th century.

From my experience there’s often some cool random thing in these sewing boxes. It’s always a good idea to carefully sort through their contents.

I found a few old Boys’ Brigade pins. The Boy’s Brigade is a Christian youth organization (similar to the Scouts, if I understand correctly) that used to be quite popular but has fallen from prominence in recent years. I’d guess the bronze pin in middle is the oldest of the bunch, perhaps being made in the 30s or 40s.

I saved an old “Ladies LBA of Quebec” pin, and a “5th year” addition that was never added on. I have no idea what the LBA is, if you do let us know in the comments!

There was an old purse, likely made to hold makeup tools, which instead contained an old nickle and dime.

I also found a bunch of watches. Most were junk and went in one of my free boxes. The Timex on top though was pretty nice, and if I remember right sold for 10$ at a yard sale.

Among them was a nice old Bulova watch.

It was likely gold-filled. This was so long ago now that I don’t know if it worked, or where it is now. I expect it’s still kicking around somewhere.

Speaking of gold, I saved a broken 10k gold chain. Not too exciting, but it should net me around 25-30$ when in my bring in my next bunch of scrap.

I’m planning on doing a yard sale tomorrow, so come on down if you want to sort through my stuff! Yard sale season is nearing an end so come by while you have the chance. It’ll be at 5051 Brebeuf, starting around 11 and ending around 6. I might do one Sunday as well but I’m not sure yet. Send me an email or Facebook message if you need any more details.

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