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Recent sales (July 20 – August 3)

Midsummer is generally a slow time for online sales. It’s a great time for yard sales though!

1. Yard sale: Many different items for 200$. My first yard sale at the new place was a success. My current plan is to do one every two weeks, alternating locations between my home and storage unit. That way I won’t annoy any of my neighbours too much.

2. Vintage Stafford cat mug: To a reader for 60$. I found it in Rosemont a little over a year ago but never mentioned it on the blog. It’s a cool mug and the set is quite collectable.

3. Mat & Nat vegan change purse: On eBay for 20$. Found February 2015 in Hampstead.

4. 1960s brutalist earrings: On Etsy for 90$. These were part of one of my all time great jewelry hauls. They were made by Guy Vidal, a renown Montreal-based designer. Found March 2015 in NDG.

Total: 370$, 11752.50$ since the new year began. This is one of my lowest bi-weekly totals in quite some time. It’s to be expected however, given the mid-summer lull and the fact that I didn’t list anything new on eBay for about a month. The latter was due mostly to not having the internet, a problem that is now solved – I’ve listed several new items in the last week.

New listings

[Just a reminder! I’m signed up for the eBay Partner Network, which means that I can make money when people click on my eBay links. Specifically, I earn a cut when people buy something (and it doesn’t have to be what I’m selling!) directly after visiting from my blog. I also receive credit when people sign up for new accounts after they click. So, if you’re interested in doing either of those things consider doing so after clicking on one of my blog’s eBay links. I’ve earned around 30$ in the past few months through the program – it’s not big money but it adds up.]

1. EXPIRED 1983 – 5 sealed packs of Polaroid 669 Polacolor ER Land Pack Film (SOLD!)
2. Samsung laptop for parts / repair (SOLD!)
3. Vintage Porsche Design aviator sunglasses
4. Vintage Heirloom Sterling tongs
5. Vintage Martin Wells "Joan" cat eye glasses
6. Hemingray 42 electrical insulator
7. Vintage B&L Ray Ban 12k gold-filled aviators
8. Vintage Pelikan fountain pen case
9. 1949 WISC intelligence test
10. Harricana by Mariouche recycled fur aviator hat
11. Expired 1983: Polaroid 665 Positive/Negative Land Pack Film, B&W, 2 box 16 shots

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