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Recent sales (June 22 – July 5)

Despite my preoccupation with moving houses during the end of June and the beginning of July, I managed stay organized enough to locate and ship out sales on time. I sold four pieces of jewellery on Etsy (after not selling anything on that platform for the previous two months), and the other nine sales were made on eBay. I detail these sales below:

(Note: the prices listed are the gross profit after accounting for shipping expenses. I haven’t subtracted eBay / Paypal fees, which amount to around 10%).

1. Paragon tea cup and saucer: On eBay for 100$. This was one of my favourites from the collection, and am quite happy with the price it garnered. Found with a large collection of teacups in Ville St Laurent.

2. Vintage Tiki-bar “Coconut Snow” tin: On eBay for 42$. It was a beautiful tin but I’m glad to see it go. Found mid January 2014 in Rosemont.

3. Vintage St Joseph’s Oratory tray (made in Occupied Japan): On eBay for 35$. Found January 2015 in Verdun.

4. Jaguar XJS steering wheel: On eBay for 210$. A nice sale! Found mid April in Hampstead.

5. Lot of four newspaper pictorial sections: On eBay for 28$. Found alongside other great ephemera August 2014 in TMR.

6. Stanford 5-second razor blade sharpener: On eBay for 20$.

7. Lot of 3 Merkur “Tribes of Israel” pens: On eBay for 45$. Found alongside two great silver pens August 2014 in the Plateau.

8. Vintage Canadian League baseball postcard: On eBay for 115$. A great sale, but one I’m sad to see go. I love baseball and baseball history, but I can’t turn down that kind of money. Found mid April in TMR.

9. Vintage Atala hotel key (Paris): On eBay for 75$. A nice price for a nice key. Found mid December in NDG.

10. Jonette Jewelry earrings: On Etsy for 10$.

11. 10k gold Italian horn pendant: On Etsy for 40$. Found in Ahunstic May 2014.

12. Black bakelite bangle: On Etsy for 80$. Found with some other great stuff October 2013 in Park Ex.

13. Vintage silver bracelet: On Etsy for 55$. Found with a bunch of great jewelry September 2013 in the Plateau.

Total: 855$, 10687.5$ since the new year began.

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