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P$yching Out Vegas


On Thursday night I went to the spot in Cote-des-Neiges that produced the sewing machine and nice old silver a couple weeks ago. There wasn’t much out but I did save a few interesting things.

I found a book called “Psyching out Vegas”; …

… a $1,000,000 money bag bank souvenir from Vegas (copyrighted in 1953);

… two fun vintage postcards;

… a few small boxes, two of which contained very old syringes;

… a collection of watch bands;

… and two old lighters. The one on the left is marked Rolex, but I don’t think it’s the same company that most of us are familiar with. My favourite is the one on the right, which advertises the Sun Life Assurance company in Montreal. It’s likely from the 1950s. I might keep that one for my personal collection.

I also found this odd medallion. It’s made by Huguenin, a prestigious French medal maker. This side says “Sankt Bernhard Schweiz [Switzerland]”, which likely refers to the Swiss mountain pass. It has two holes which someone has put a string of leather through.

It looks to be from the 5-star Arosa Kulm Hotel in Switzerland. My tests indicate that it’s probably plated silver. I imagine it’s from the 30s or 40s, and expect this would be a souvenir of some kind.

I got up for the morning run and came across this pile in Snowdon.

It produced a diaper box full of candles, which I gave away to various people I know who use lots of candles.

My best finds though came from Westmount, which has been very productive for me recently. There were a few good things at the top of the pile, including a painting easel, a wicker picnic basket (filled with decent plastic plates), …

… and a 12″ disco ball! I gave this to a friend of mine who loves disco.

I opened one bag and found a jewelry box. There’s some old tape glue stuck to the top, but it should come off pretty easily.

Underneath it in the bag was a bunch of jewelry …

… which I put back into the box.

There’s some nice stuff here, the best of which I put into one section of the box. All the pieces at the bottom are sterling (mostly from Mexico). The earrings at the top left are silver and adorned with marcasite, which was popular in Art Nouveau days (1890s-1910s) The brooch in the middle is by Monet.

My best find though might be these two laptops, both of which were inside a different black trash bag. One came with its power cable and seems to work totally fine, though I’ll have the reinstall Windows and format the hard drive to get past the password (which is likely for the best regardless). The other has no cable, but I’d bet on it working as well.

These are the most modern laptops I’ve seen in the garbage. They’re not new, but they come installed with Windows 7 which means they were likely made between 2009 and 2012. The one with the power cord is a Gateway MS2285, which seems to go for around 125-200$ depending on the specs (and 50$ if broken). The other is a HP Pavillion DV4 which seems to go for around 150$ if in good working condition. I’ll take a little gamble by buying a power cord for the latter.

I’ve been getting pretty lucky lately. Hopefully it keeps up!

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