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I’m visiting my home town of Shawville, Quebec this week. I’m down to visit family but also to help my Grandma get rid of some old stuff. It’s probably a good thing to take a week off from “work,” even if only to take a rest from biking.

Garbage day in Shawville was Tuesday morning. I went out Monday night but unfortunately didn’t find anything. It would have been cool to find some neat stuff here, a town of around 1200 with a lot of history.

It’s been a while since I posted so I’ll try to tide you over until next week with a few things I found on Thursday. I went out to Rosemont (between St Hubert and Papineau) in the morning and another part of Rosemont (between Cartier and Iberville) in the evening. Here’s a few cool books I found in the morning. The one on the top left is a reference book for auto mechanics made in the 1940s. It holds some pretty cool diagrams and pictures of the old-school car technology. On the bottom left is an old French language textbook from 1911. I also like the art book by Hendrik Willem Van Loom from 1937 (bottom right).

In another spot I found a Super Nintendo with a few games. The system turns on and I’d bet it works just fine. It’s not worth much, maybe around 15$ for the lot if it works, but there’s definitely people out there who’d still love to have it.

In the same place as the Super Nintendo (on Garnier near Beaubien if I remember right) was a little box with some jewelry and other bric-a-brac inside. A lot of it was junk but there were a few nice pieces that should make be a bit of money. The two rings and cross on the left are all 10k gold. None of them are worth reselling as is, but given that they weigh around 5-6 grams they’re worth around 100$ in weight. The ring on the bottom left and the little lizard are sterling silver. I tried cleaning the ring with the tin foil and baking soda technique but it didn’t shine up too well. The technique work well a lot of the time but I might have to track down a more potent silver cleaning product as there are some pieces that seem resistant to it.

I think the bracelets might be silver too, but there’s no marks so I’d have to test them otherwise.

The evening wasn’t particularly productive, providing only this haul of canned food that looked to be left over from a move. Most of it is expired, but as I’ve mentioned before expiry dates on canned food are basically completely made up. I already ate the canned soups and the baked beans and I’m fine!

I’ll be back in town on Friday morning and I think by then I’ll be hankering to search for some more trash. Depending on how tired I am I may try to make it out to the Friday evening pickup in the section of Rosemont east of Iberville and west of St Michel. Either way I’ll let you know next time I find anything!

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