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I went out to Ville Mont-Royal (or Town of Mount-Royal to anglos) this morning and came back with another decent haul. VMR/TMR is definitely my favourite route of the week; it’s close to home, it’s flat (and thus easily pedalled), the streets are wide and calm, the air is fresh, and the trees are big and beautiful. Also, the residents throw out some pretty good stuff!

One of the first things I saw was this small bike for kids. It has two flat tires but looks to be in pretty good shape otherwise, the chain even looked well-lubricated. It had probably been in a garage for a while. I should try pumping up the tires to see if they just need some air.

Regardless, kids bikes aren’t super valuable. They make great gifts, however. I’ll probably put this one on Craigslist “free” and find someone who’ll put it to good use.

The purge of hockey sticks continues. There’s three right here…

…and here are a couple more.

All in all I found five hockey sticks, as well as a pair of cross-country skis. I found five sticks yesterday in CDN and three last Wednesday in TMR, meaning that over the last 8 days I’ve saved 13 hockey sticks from the trash.

I find this pretty surprising. I’m thinking that there might be a “winter cleaning” going on where people start evaluating their gear from last season.

Today was a big day for sporting good, actually…

I found three tennis racquets sitting on top of the trash can above. They’re actually quite good racquets, especially the one on the bottom which I think is worth from 50$-100$, depending on the exact model (in general it is a Prince “Longbody”). The one in the middle is a little shorter than the others, it’s in nice shape but I’m not sure if it’s a tennis racquet. The one on top is also very nice but the handle is a bit loose. It seems like something that might not be that hard to fix, however. I might just put that one on CL “free” to see if I can find someone who can wants a project.

The box lying in the background contained this set of left-handed Taylormade golf clubs. It’s not a big set, being only 8-10 clubs (I forget exactly how many) but they’re still quite nice and don’t look like they’ve been used too often either. The box they were in stated that they were made in 2012, which if true would mean that they were only used for one of two seasons before someone decided to throw them out.

I figure I should be able to make at least 50$ on this set, maybe a good amount more depending on the kinds of woods I have. I’ll have to take a closer look in the near future.

I saw this Tonka truck somewhere along the way and thought it was worth saving. At some point I’ll put a “free box” with this truck and other smaller items out on the curb in Park Ex. My theory is that since there are more poor people in that neighbourhood than, say, the Mile End it’s more likely that these things will be appreciated and put to good use.

I also found this working toaster oven. Accompanying it were some unopened tins of food (two cans of baked beans, to be specific) and other pantry items. These are all things commonly thrown out in preparation for a move. I’m keeping the toaster oven, I think it’ll make a nice addition to the place.

Another week, another loaded bike trailer coming home from TMR. Big hauls like this one get heavy, that’s why I love how TMR has no hills!

I think I’ll revisit my old Rosemont route tomorrow morning. It’s the end of the month so maybe some people moving will leave some good stuff behind. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

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