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The electronic tower


Back in early September I found a large collection of electronics in Outremont and brought them to my friend’s shed for storage. This week has been mostly slow so far, partly because I took Monday and Tuesday morning off, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to show you what I saved.

First off is this beautiful old radio. I figure it’s a vacuum tube system which was pretty common in the 1930s-1950s. I can’t remember the brand name and I have a hard time making it out from the photo due to the odd writing style. Regardless, it actually works fairly well. I thought it didn’t work at first but it seems that the radio just takes half a minute or so to get “warm.” It doesn’t get as many stations as a modern machine but an antenna could help with that.

I have to figure out what brand it is before I can tell what it’s worth, but I imagine I should be able to sell this for at least 50$. It’s a pretty classic, collectible design.

I found four different reel-to-reel audio players / recorders. Two of them, the Wollensak 3m below and the Grundig TK-23 above seem to work fine. If so they are worth around 40-50$ each. The others seem to only partially work (as in they’ll fast forward but not play). It’s possible though that I just don’t know how to use them.

Fortunately I have a tonne of audio reels to play around with! I’m lucky my friend with a car (and storage) helped me as otherwise I wouldn’t have had the space or ability to take all this stuff, especially these boxes full of old reels and cassettes.

Some of the reels are marked as being classical music but most don’t give any hints as to what’s inside. There are lots of blank, unopened cassettes and also some pre-recorded music by Greek musicians.

Last but not least is this tower of electronics. Not all of it works, with the bottom Beta player and the top 8-track player having obvious issues. The rest, a bunch of receivers and a cassette player, passed the basic tests by turning on and looking good doing so. It’s hard to test them further without some speakers to connect them to. The best pieces of this bunch are the Clairtone receiver (2nd from bottom) and the Nikko cassette player (3rd from top) which could be worth maybe 80 buck and 100 bucks respectively, assuming they work of course, based on what I see on Ebay.

In the near future I’ll test this stuff further in preparation to sell it. Whatever doesn’t work I’ll put on the Craigslist “free” section.

I have this evening off (though, if any Montrealers know of a Wednesday evening trash pickup let me know!) but I hope to make some more good finds tomorrow morning in either Outremont or Rosemont. As usual I’ll let you know where it goes.

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