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Back to the grind


Sorry for the lack of updates! I haven’t had the time to go trash picking much of late. I felt a bit under the weather the first couple of days this week, but mostly it’s because I’ve begun the second (and final) part of a two-week temp job. It involves storing the stuff of university students who leave town for the summer and redelivering it upon their return. Under normal circumstances I would be able to do a bit of garbage hunting regardless, but on top of the temp job I’m also moving at the end of the month (to a place in the Mile End) and with the packing and cleaning there isn’t time for much else.

As part of my temp job I spend some time in a storage facility. There’s sometimes some cool trash to be found in the dumpsters here. I check them every day I’m at the facility and I suggest that if you happen to be at a storage for whatever reason you do the same! People often dump some perfectly good stuff and it’s generally pretty easy to take.

If there’s one unique theme of storage trash I would say that there are a lot of old textbooks and school materials thrown out by people who’ve graduated 10+ years ago. Most of the old textbooks are best left in the recycle bins, but there will still be some books that have some value.

Today I found six packs of unopened (and one barely opened) packs of printer paper in one of the recycle bins. Nothing too exciting, but I’m sure that if you were to buy this in stores it would probably cost you at least 25$ or 30$.

Yesterday I found this toy microscope that looks to have never been used. I’m sure a kid with an interest with science would love it. I’ll put it in my next yard sale for a couple bucks.

I also found some old textbooks. I saved one called “Social Psychology in the 1970s” and a bunch about FM transmitters or something from the same time frame. I don’t know if anyone wants this stuff still, but I figured worst comes to worst I can recycle it again later.

I’ll let you know if I find some good storage trash! I hope to have this move mostly over with in the next couple of days – if that’s the case I’ll have a bit more time (and energy) to go out for some normal trash runs.

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