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Les Chats Sauvages


Yesterday’s yard sale was a big success. I was expecting a pretty good sale, thinking that I might be able to crack the 200$ mark. In the end, though, I cracked the 300$ mark by a safe margin!

This pile, which I came across on my Friday evening Plateau run (Marquette near Rachel) was a major contributor to my high profits.

The pile was in front of a house which was undergoing renovations and many of the bags were full of leaves and other debris. In the other bags, however, were what must have been someone’s entire record collection. There was so much I had to make two trips to bring it all back.

I figure there must have been over 100 records in all. They all seem to be in great condition – whoever owned this took good care of their collection. Many of the artists were Quebecois or Central American. There was a fair bit of classical music but also a selection of old rock music.

These are ones I decided to set aside to help me possibly re-start my record collection. There’s a bunch of Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, and John and Alice Coltrane. I also saved a few from the French artists that my room-mate (more French than I) told me were pretty good, including Jacques Brel, Zachary Richard, and les Chats Sauvages. I have some music exploration ahead of me, that’s for sure. While I like a lot of these musicians I can’t say I’m particularly familiar with any of them.

This record was the best “find” of the bunch, however. It’s a Japanese issue of Abbey Road which looks to be in pretty much mint condition. Japanese issues are often worth more than American or British issues – the same record has sold on Ebay for around 40$. I don’t personally need the Japanese issue, so I’ll probably sell it and pocket the cash.

I also found this plant, which was somehow still alive despite being about as dry as I’ve ever seen a plant. I brought it home to give it some water, we’ll see if it comes back!

I have no real plans for today so I might have another little impromptu sale. It’s a great day out and I always meet some cool people when sitting by the sidewalk.

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